How to keep Blonde hair, Blonde!

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I have very dark hair, and due to old age I have started to go grey! So I decided the best way to disguise it was to turn blonde. My hairdresser advised me to have highlights as it would be less damaging on my hair and its a great way to gradually turn blonde so its not as much of a big change. The first time I had it highlighted my hair still felt very dark, and the parts that had been highlighted didn't feel very blonde at all. Due to me home colouring my hair dark brown for years, it was very hard for my colour to be lifted. So I was left with dark hair with brassy orange patches with blonde roots and it was in such bad condition from the bleach. I was really unhappy with my hair and was ready to go back dark. My hairdresser recommended to buy some hair masks to treat the damage and frizz. I saw lots of products for blonde hair so I bought some shampoos, conditioners and treatment masks. I then discovered this lightening spray by John Frieda. I couldn't believe how well it works! Every time I was my hair I spray this all over my hair. Not only does it make the blonde in my hair a brighter shiner blonde, it also disguises my dark roots, it turns them to a dark blonde and my grey's are hidden as they blend in with blonde. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or like its lathered in product as its just a water based spray. Now I get my roots touched up every 7-8 weeks as the length of my hair remains a nice glossy blonde and my roots are just a darker version of the length. It also makes the brassier tones brighter. I will never stop using this product. I love it! 
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