How to keep your buyers happy and retain 100% feedback

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I run a small eBay business under the name of Hammerhead Auctions. Although just a small company, I have sold a number of items and still retain 100% feedback. My main job is working in a call centre so giving good customer service is something I'm used to. Here are some basic things which you can do to keep your buyers happy and keep your feedback score high:

  • Take a good photo of your item and add as much detail to the item description as possible. This way buyers will know 100% what they are bidding on is what they want.


  • As a seller you are giving feedback to buyers based on their speed of payment. Leave feedback as soon as they pay.


  • Send an e-mail thanking them for their payment and let them know that you will be posting the item shortly.


  • Post on the same day as recieving cleared payment where possible and e-mail buyer to tell them that it's on it's way.


  • Respond to any queries about your auctions as soon as you can and as politely and professionally as possible.


  • Put some effort into designing your My eBay page - you'll be surprised at how many buyers look here for your feedback etc. Making the page look nice and having lots of detail is like a decorated store window and will draw potential buyers in.


  • Try and come up with a good business name and take the trouble to design a company logo and create an e-mail address with the same name. If you do a good job at selling, buyers will remember your company name and recommend you to others.


  • Try and make some business cards in Microsoft Publisher or via an online site and include one with each item you sell. This will get the word going round about your company.

I hope that following this guide will help you to have a smooth and successfull eBay experience and lots of happy customers.

Good luck!

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