How to look rich

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For years and years, the elite, the a-list celebrities and so on have had the items the normal man or waman on the street would like, but couldn't afford.  Until E-bay came along, they were simply a distant dream.  Nowadays though, it is easy to have the same labels... to carry the IT bag, to wear the right clothes and be made up in the best in cosmetics.  I am an ordinary person but carry the best in designer bags, wear designer clothes... heck even my hair is tied up with Louis Vuitton hair cubes I bought off ebay... I even write with a mont blanc pen.

A lot of people seem to think that just because something is a replica too, that is it worthless... but does it create the right look.  Of course lots of the items on ebay get bid up to rates almost as much as if you bought the item in a shop... unless you know where to look.  For example, don't assume just because you can spell that others can, if you run a search for Louis Vuitton for example, then try running a search for Louise Vuitton, Luis Vuitton, Louis Vitton, Louis Vutton, etc etc... guaranteed that some of the items will have been listed with such mistakes making them harder to search for and therefore recieve less bids.  Also it is important to be up to date on what is in fashion (and genuine) and what isn't.

No go shop and look like an a-lister!

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