How to make glass dome jewellery

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How to make glass tile pendant jewellery.
To make glass dome or tile jewellery you will need a bit of patience and practise at first as with any new craft, and expect to make a few mistakes! It is best to start with sample pieces.
Glass tiles are flat glass and domes are curved glass so they will slightly magnify your image.
You will need an adhesive that dries clear so your image will be preserved perfectly under the glass. There are lots on the market, I like to use Dovecraft Ultimate craft glue or you could try Evostick’s serious glue, "Diamond Glaze" by Judikins or “Glossy Accents” by Inkssentials.
First you need to choose your picture or photo. Choose a pretty image by holding the dome over your paper and this will give you an idea of how it will look. If you are printing images yourself the ink needs to be completely dry before trying to adhere to the glass. I use a laserjet printer and print my images onto a good quality acid free card.
First, put a blob of adhesive on the picture you have chosen for your pendant. Then press the glass dome down making sure the glue spreads out to the edges and all the air bubbles are pushed out. Once you have pushed it down try not to move the dome. Moving it at this stage can cause a silvery effect. Hold it down for a few moments.
The dome will need several hours to fully dry. For best results leave it overnight. Walk away from the dome! Don’t be tempted to pick it up too soon. Once dry cut around the glass and remove any dried glue on the edges with a craft knife. At this stage you should seal the back of the cabochon by applying a thin layer of adhesive with your finger or a paint brush. This is because when you add your cabochon to the pendant tray your adhesive can seep though and react with inks and cause them to bleed/run, this can be why your image develops a bluey blotch sometimes days after you have set your glass. You can also glue an extra layer of card under your dome before cutting around and sealing to be extra sure. Take time to find the technique that works for you.
Alternatively if you have a paper punch in the correct size for your pendant you can punch out the image before you adhere it to the dome. Put down some baking paper underneath your image so it is easy to pick up once dry. After a few tries you will get used to how much adhesive to use for best effect.  If you make a mistake you can always put the glass domes into a cup with a little washing up liquid and warm water and leave to soak, after a little while the image will lift off, rinse, dry the dome and you can try again with a new image.
Once your glass dome is ready, simply use another blob of adhesive on the pendant tray and push your dome into the setting.  Your finished piece will be water resistant, but not waterproof.
With practise, you can create beautiful jewellery with any picture of your choice with clear, perfect results. 

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