How to make money from online casinos

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You can't avoid seeing adverts for online casinos these days - be it on advertising hoardings at football matches, spsonsoring horse racing, or TV poker programs!  Now whilst these casinos manage to make lots of profits, they do offer incentives for new members.  And that's were you can manage to make serious profits.

The basic desire of the online casinos is to get more players to play at their casino, as more players should mean more profit for the casinos.  New members are given special incentives or introductory bonuses to join a casino.  These usually take the form of the casino matching your initial deposit up to a certain amount, as free bonus money.  So for example if you deposit £100, they'll add a free £100 to your account.  To stop you from just walking off with their money, they don't allow you to withdraw these new player bonuses until you've wagered (bet) a certain amount of money, in the hope that you'll lose the 'free' money and a lot more besides.

The strategy that I give to people statistically allows people to keep over 99% of what they wager, and in effect, make profits of well over £1000 within a month.  I've spent three months researching casinos to find the best offers, and have read all the terms and conditions to ensure that people can walk off with most of the bonus money after betting following my strategy.  Overall, I believe that you can make the £1000 plus earning at a rate of £30 to £35 per hour.  If you could do this 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for a year, the equivelant salary would be over £60,000, but unfortunately you'd run out of casinos to play as a new player after about 40 hours of betting!

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