How to make the best buys on Singapore Currency

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There seems to be alot of selling on EBay for the Notes and Coins of Singapore, being having a stable currency and a no-nonsense tolerance of Fraud and Counterfeiting.A GREAT BUY!!

However, there are a few sellers I have come across, who are unscrupulous , charging a huge amount on postage & packing , normally US$10 for something small.

Let me put a piece of advise. Don't take their word for it. Words like RARE are all CRAP. Don't bid on sellers who put COD, CASH ONLY, MEET UP AT xxxxx MRT STATION.
Instead, contact them first PRIOR to BID, ask if they take moneybookers as they can get their funds to their bank account immediately thru NETS. PAYPAL is good too as the majority of Singaporeans have a Debit Card, be it Visa or Mastercard issued thru DBS/POSB (MC), UOB, OCBC, CitiBank or MAYBANK.

Pay Only S$3.50 max for POSTAGE as the REGISTERED POST is basicly AIRSURE equivalent in UK where it's tracked till the airport, when it reaches UK, ROYAL MAIL DON'T TRACK IT. You ARE NOT INSURED. will tell you the rates etc.  SPEEDPOST will cost you about £10 (S$30-40) for delivery with insurance as it's tracked and traced, with delivery done by PARCELFORCE. It's worth it for high value items, but you are subjected to VAT and CUSTOMS DUTIES for anything over £31 unless the sender declares it properly, like GOLD COIN which are VAT EXEMPT. don't over insure it.

For Normal Currency, just get the sender to post to you, with a SECUREPACK, ie the envelope that is made of PLASTIC, like the FEDEX ones. Tamperproof against the dodgy Posties.

Buying Wise:

What you see may not be what you get. Check for the scans etc. Singapore EBay Sellers tend to put dodgy listings and friends bid on it and put up the feedback etc.
Be Warned.
Some sellers tend to WASH and IRON the Notes out...while they are still legit...they don't do a good work at it.

I'm working on a project called EBAYTRUST.INFO where we get MYSTERY SHOPPERS and buy these items, so you don't get ripped off by these sellers who put their whole lot in. look out for the trust logo as I'm working with the Local Singapore Authorities to weed out bad sellers, similar to Trading Standards in the UK.

Legally Speaking : Monetary Acts in Singapore PROHIBIT YOU FROM SENDING CASH IN THE POST, and Posting Adverts with SCANS OF SINGAPORE CURRENCY without prior license. Fraud (or even attempting to do so) will cause the offender 6 months imprisonment with the worst type of overcrowded prision U can think of. I was caught out few years ago buying from a seller on Online Auctions which turned out to be fake and landed me 5 mths in prison for POSSESSION OF FAKE CURRENCY.

My advise to you, before you part with your money, ask the seller for his IC number and Date of Issue where you can verify on the ICA website to verify his ID is valid.

I recently sell some, and they are off my old collections which I wanna get rid off due to space concerns and the are really a great find. A great investment is the Singapore Gold Coins and Stamps.Highly Recommended.

Ask me if U need more help in your collections.

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