How to pick the right wig on ebay.

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First of all there are 3 main types you can buy. These rank in quality 1-poor 2-decent 3-excellent 
1.Fancy dress wigs 2. Fashion wigs 3. Human hair wigs. These can all be searched for using those key words.

1. If you are looking for a wig that is for a fancy dress party on a budget buy a fancy dress wig, they are very shiny and they look fake, they tangle like crazy, cant be straightened or blow dryed and usually get creased during delivery and you cant get the crease out easily, pretty much a one use wig.

2. If you are looking for a wig that can be worn a few times a week, for a photoshoot or cosplay, or an everyday wig on a budget then you want to pick a fashion wig, avoid anything that looks too shiny, unless you are a natural blonde I wouldn't recommend buying a platinum or silver colour. Some of these can be straightened with 180 degree heat, they can all be blow dryed straight and washed. On ebay the average price is between £4-£25

3. If you are looking for a wig because of hair thinning, alopecia, or hair loss because of chemotherapy then most likely you are going to chose human hair wigs. Human hair BLEND is not the same as Human hair, It's really hard to style, curl etc, pick one that is thick because you can still take them to a hairdressers to style them, and they do shred a bit. These are a lot more expensive. If you live in a country with the NHS they can pay for your human hair wig if the reason you buying it is a healthcare issue relevant to loosing your hair.

tips for ALL wigs- Buy them longer than you intended, the mannequins in stock photos are smaller than human beings and anything waist length will probably stop at your bust. DON'T buy one that looks thin/ like there is not much hair on it, you will be able to see the wefts underneath and some of the hair will come out when brushing/ styling. If it looks very shiny on the photo then its probably going to look like fake hair. Style it as if it was growing out your own head if you want it to look natural. You can cut in baby hairs around the face to make it look more realistic.

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