How to plan an amazing hen party / hen weekend

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How to plan a good hen party / weekend

So.. I have just come back from the most AMAZING hen weekend in history !! It would definately be up there in the Worlds Guiness book of records I tell ya ! It was packed with three nights worth of fun, laughter games and alcohol. We dressed up every night which insluded specially printed "hen weekend" t-shirts, a nautical-sailor night and an 80's night as then hen was born in the 80's. We suprised the hen everynight by dressing up and bought her her won outfit - luckily she was pleasently suprised every night! It was also fun packed with lots of hen party games such as "Who knows the bride best" , "How well does the Groom know the bride" , "Bingo", " Singing competition" and lots lots more. So im going to try and provide as much information as possible to help you organise an amazing hen weekend like I have just been on. It doesnt matter where your hen night / hen weekend takes place its the people that make it good. Ill begin by  just telling you a bit about where we went then i'll go on to advise you on costumes and games etc. Like I said even if the hen party is being held in your living room you can still have as much fun as we all did.

So ill begin ..

I'll just quickly begin by telling you where it was. We went on a Mini Cruise - Yes all 15 of us females packed our bags (some bigger thab others!!) and went on a Mini Cruise on the Pride of Bilbao  Now before I continue, you may be thinking COST , MONEY, COST But for 3 (yes 3) whole nights and 4 days it ONLY cost £79, £79.

A bit about the ship first:

I wont bore you with loads of info on the ship, but I thought I would just add a few pictures of the ship if you are interested in going on there. There was 15 of us, all girls and we aged from the youngest being 14 and the oldest being 58 and I can say without a doubt every single one of had an absolute amazing time. My sister-in-law (well sister-in-law to be) was the hen I can say on her behalf it couldnt have turned out better. Not only was it a hen weekend but a nice little break for all of us. Obviously its the people on the hen party that make it good - so we threw in a few games and we -had fancy dress every night - Ill go into the "How to have a good time at a hen party next".
Just quickly.....The ship sails from Portsmouth and is for three nights and four days. It costs just £79. That price included an inside cabin sharing two people. There are also outside cabins  and Upgraded cabins  . There is an excellent Duty free on the ship which is very reasonable, for example 24 bottles of Stella for £6.00 and a 1 Litre Malibu for £9.99  . There is a  fantastic show everynight  with audience competition, and the ship is very popular for hen parties and stag parties. One of the girls on our party even won a Mini-Crusie for 2 and we also won a nice jug filled with booze! There is also a casino  and a posh bar aswell as 2 cinema's, swimming pool, sunbathing area, jacuzzi and much much more.
Anyway enough of the ship here is a link to the actual website:

Make Sure you have good costumes

Night one: So a hen weekend or a hen night wouldnt be complete without COSTUMES ! We began our first night by wearing specially printed t-shirts. The colour theme was PINK (of course) and the t-shirts were all the same. They were bought from Tesco - Were Tesco's own brand and were just £1.75 each !!! Now you can either put your own transfers on them or just get a local shop to do the hard work for you. We decided to go for the easy option and get them done for us. Now for £7, thats including the t-shirt cost, so a transfer cost cost of just £5.25. That price included writing on the front and back of the top.
The front of the top simply read in the top right hand corner "Carly's hen weekend". So to personalise them for your hen night simply choose the brides name and put either "hen night", " hen weekend" or "hen party afterwards". Later we thought we could have put our names on the front as we didnt all know each other. So if there are people in your party who doesnt quite know everyone simply have their name printed on the front too.
For that £5.25 we were able to have a slogan printed on the back too. As it was a family hen party we agreed no rude slogans, so here are a few clean suggestions:
Dreaded mother-in-law
Little miss naughty
The innocent one
Dont laugh .. im with this lot
Wedding singer
Forgotton Bridesmaid
Dirty angel
Miss Jugs
Mother of the bride
Britains got talent

Night Two: As we were on a crusie what better than "NAUTICAL-SAILORS"

So night two we all dressed up as sailors - and remember it doesnt matter where your holding your hen night you can still dress up as sailors. Here are a few items which can be purchased of e-bay;
Now I got all of these ideas from ebay - just follow this link;
Nautical-sailor costumes and accessories
We all had one item we wore which was the same so we could identify each other in the crowds - or because of the alcohol ! This was simple a sailors ht which is pictured above. Having the same hat actually went down really really well.
I purchased some of my sailors items from the following shop;
Fancy Dress Shop

Night Three: As our bride was born in the 1980's what better than to have an 80's night. So if your bride was  born in the 70's then you could have a 70's night, or in the 60's you could have a 60's night and so on..

So here again are some 80's night costumes and accessories;
All of these can be found by clicking the following link;
80'S Fancy Dress costumes and accessories

But if these two themes dont grip you here are a few others;
Nurses, Superhero's, animals, policewomen, disney, cheerleaders, celebraties, air-hostess's and im sure with your own imagination there are many many more.

Recommended Shops
I purchased some amazing jewellery from the following shop; Here I received very quick delivery and excellent prices and the jewellery I believe is all hand made. I highly recommend this shop, they also sell hair accessories and much more and the lady offers very reasonable postage discounts - please take a look;
Miss Funkystuff

Another shop I would like to recommend is a fancy dress shop where I also bought some lovely items with reasonable prices and quick delivery; take a look
Hen Night Games and Forfeights

I think what made the hen weekend was a few of the games that we layed: here are a few suggestions for you;
The first game we played was "hen night bingo". One of the party had collected a  few single gamed bingo tickets - im sure these can be found on Ebay by just typing in "Bingo books" - we didnt have any special machinery or pens - we simply nominated one person to call out random numbers - and the fun came in when she started shouting out duplicated numbers and the game seem to go on forever but it was all very fun and alot of laughter. The organiser bought two simple prizes, one for the winner of the line and one for the house and the prize corresponded with one of the theme nights, they were; a sailors thong !! and a sailors bag !! Both were won on the secnd night. We made the bride wear the thong outside of the trousers !! This went down very well.

A few other games included:
A quiz "Who knows the bride best". This consisted of the bride asking numerous questions which everyone else had to answer about her the winner got a prize. Example questions were; "What is the brides favourite restaurant" "What is the brides date of birth" "What is the brides parents name" "How many bridesmaids are there" etc etc. If you want more questions please feel free to email me

A quiz "Weddings". This consisted of 25 random questions all about weddings. Examples of questions were "What is the most popular month to get married" "Following tradition when does the bride throw her bouquet". Simply think of 25 questions and use google for your answers and nominate one quizmaster. If you would like some questions and answers please feel free to email me

A quiz  for the bride " The bride and Groom". This consisted of numerous questions that were asked both to the bride and groom prior to the hen weekend. Example questions to the groom "What item of clothing would you thrown away" The bride then had to answer what she thought the groom said. To the groom: "What is your sex name for (name) the bride" .. again the bride would then answer what she thought the groom said. And vice versa.

Another fun game we played was - we had a set of cards and on these cards were a type of man we had to find and bring back to the hen's table or have picture taken with e.g fake tan guy, bouncer guy, guy wearing more jewellery than you. The first person with all the guys on their cards won. We all had three cards each. Now I apprecieate you dont have cardsso Im going to put a list of guys below and you could make your own cards up and hand them out;

Pony tail guy, tattosit guy, band guy, too old to be there guy, piercing guy, dancer guy, fake id guy, dancers like a striper chick, bad dancer guy, bad dress sense guy, mammie's boy guy, hunk guy. These are just a sure if you use your imagination you can think of many many more.

Finally BRIDE'S Forfeights:
The bride had to wear a "Brides sash" throughout the weekend and at a certain time everyday she had to commit a forfeight, here are a few ideas for you:
Sing a wedding song in front of a big crowd on her own, Wear socks over her trousers or with a skirt, Swap one shoe with one other person, ask someone where the nearest ski-slope is with a lisp, grasp a penny between her buttocks walk 2 meters and aim the penny into a glass on floor, Have her toe nails painted by a drunken person, go to the nearest toliet and come out with paper hanging out of her trousers, put a condom over her head etc etc.

Thats its folks

So..yep thats it guys...I hope I have helped in organizing your hen night or hen weekend - If you take some of my advicd or all of my advise I can gurantee you the bride will have a bash she will never forget.
Good luck and have fun !!

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