How to repair a puncture

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So you're out and about, quite a distance from home and you get punctured, all you have with you is a pump and a puncture repair kit. So what do you do?

Step 1: Fully deflate the tyre and let out any air that hasn't yet escaped

Step 2: Using your tyre levers, winch one of them in between the 'bead' of the tyre and the rim of the wheel and gently move it around the wheel to remove the tyre, repeat this as nessacary.

Step 3: Separate the inner tube from the tyre

Step 4: Feel around the inner tube and the inside of the tyre wall for a thorn or a bit of glass etc that caused the puncture and remove this (Take caution when doing this)

Step 5: Locate the puncture on the inner tube by pumping it up and running it around your ear, listening and feeling for air and then mark it using the crayon or chalk. Alternatively if you are at home you can use the water method, but for now we will stick with the traditional one

Step 6: Roughen the area with sandpaper (This should have been included in the puncture repair kit)

Step 7: Stick the patch on with the hole in the CENTRE of the patch. Depending on what kit you have, some may have a traditional glue and patch, others may be self adhesive etc

Step 8: Leave the inner tube to stand alone for 2 minutes

Step 9: Put a small amount of air in the tyre, and put the tube around the rim of the wheel.

Step 10: Now tuck the tyre back over the innertube (the reverse of what we was doing earlier) and pump to the correct pressure.

You have now repaired your puncture! If you had/have a spare tube you can skip steps 5-8.
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