How to sell baby/childrens clothes on ebay.

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How to sell baby/childrens clothes on ebay.

I am always selling baby/children's clothes on ebay.  The main thing to remember is to sort the clothes by season because winter coats are not going to sell for a higher price in the summer although sometimes summer clothes and swimming costumes will sell for more money in the winter as there is not much choice available in this shops but in general I tend to sort clothes by season and keep them until the relevant season to sell.

I also tend to separate them by brand as I have found the Next in particular will always keep their value where as Primark and Supermarket items wont - this is probably due to the quality although character items such as Frozen and Peppa Pig will generally sell well regardless of where they are from I mostly sell Next and other brands like M&S, Mamas and Pappas and Debenhams as single items and put Supermarket and Primark items in bundles by size.

When uploading photos of the items it is important to photograph the item in a good light and show that the items are in good condition. I sometimes try and find the item via the online store to see if I can get a good photo too.

When writing the listing I always include the brand, size, colour and often the length/width/fit as well as the material. It is important to be honest about the items quality such as imperfections or bobbles/holes.

Always make sure you state when the item will be posted and how. I normally send by second class post as high postage charges will put buyers off. It is also worth bearing in mind that buyers outside the UK may bid on your item so make sure you select "UK only" when adding postage prices, personally I am happy to send outside the UK if selling baby clothes however I am more cautious when selling larger value items like mobile phones.

Be prepared to have a "buy it now" price in mind as buyers may contact you if your item is auction only requesting a "buy it now" price. Don't compromise if you believe your item is worth more than what you are offered and don't  be put off if your item does not sell because many times an item of mine hasn't sold yet on the 3rd or 4th listing it has gone on to sell for more than I thought it would.

*please note that this guide was written as part of a Bzz agent campaign. My Bzz Agent username is Michellekavies81.

Happy selling!! - Michelle Davies
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