How to spot FAKE Nike Air Rifts! Rift Guide by J600.COM

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For anyone wanting to know how to spot fakes! Heres my useful hints and tips on the best way to avoid being scammed by a fake seller. You can also use the free legit checker service at its totally FREE simply enter the seller ID or item number and an expert will confirm if the shoe is fake or authentic. There is also a LIST OF FAKE SELLERS and a FAKE NIKE AIR RIFTS PHOTO THREAD to show you photos of fake rifts to help you spot them.

Firstly, you should ALWAYS check a sellers feedback! If they have a history of selling fakes there is a high chance the Rifts they are selling will be fake. There is an excellent FREE Negative Feedback Checker tool at this will sort a sellers feedback into negs/neutrals so can quickly spot trends without having to search through all the positive feedback to find the negatives. This tool will quickly help you spot a fake seller. I highly recommend using this tool to quickly identify fake sellers, it can also expose other trends/problems such as slow shipping etc.


SIZE! ALL mens Nike air rifts should be UK whole sizes, nike dont make half sizes in UK sizing. If you see mens rifts size uk7.5 for example, these are fakes! Womens rifts are the opposite, all womens rifts SHOULD be half sizes. If you see womens colourways in a UK6 for example, these are fakes!


Other things to look out for...  

1. MATERIAL. 90% of fakes are produced in shiny, non nike material. They can look extremely cheap and most of the time they are produced in a very tacky nylon kind of cloth.

2. SHAPE. Due to Nike having specific 'moulds' creating a fake nike air rift will obviously prove to be a difficult task for these fraudsters, as the shape is extremely distinctive and quite complex. Instant visual giveaways include>> Uneven width, length, size of the nike tick, chalky fat soles, etc etc. Take a look at some fake photo's then get a pair of real rifts out and the definition between the shape of the 'genuine rift' and the 'fake' is extremely noticable.

3. NIKE TICK> Usually a big give away, some people even get it so wrong the place it at the side and im talking very side of the shoe lol. The Nike tick on fakes is in my opinion impossible to get 100% accurate. Remember doodling on your pencil case at school, you'd pencil in that nike tick but it was never SPOT ON, was it!? Also watch out for the length of it as alot of fakes have long nike ticks which are oversized.

4. THE SOLE. I have known people who have bought fakes which the soles have fallen to bits and some have even been filled with expanding film! Nike use high quality rubber soles, fakes tend to look the same in a sense yet if you look closely they are usually too thick from the bottom upwards at the side of the shoe and the overall look of them is very dull flat cheap rubber looking. Also to have a pair in the flesh and compare soles would be an instant giveaway.

5. COLOURWAYS. Probably the biggest giveaway. You can get all kind of fake unresearched colourways that make fakes stand out from a mile, ROYAL BLUE/WHITE. On j600 there is a list of every produced colourway, so refer to that when looking into purchasing rifts. Also if your not sure email the seller and ask them for the accurate colourway of the shoe, this way 9 times out of 10 you will know straight away.

6. ORIGINAL BOX> Although a lot of sellers sell rifts, new and pre-worn without the original box you will find fakes come unboxed, or in the case that they would come bvoxed you'll find it is a template box, which basically is a plain nike box with a square on the side in which to write in with permanent marker.

7. STRAPS> Most of the fakes i have seen have shabby straps. They are either just too thick, too thin, or have rubbish latex pathetic material at the end of them.

8. SELLERS FEEDBACK> Email other buyers, ask for pictures. A common seller on eBay of fakes is...RETRORIFTS. He sells white/chianti, a very rare and expensive rift. He sells these unboxed using catologue pictures, the actual shoes are pathetic fakes. I only found this out by emailing a buyer of his and asking him kindly for photo's.

9. PRODUCT CODE> Every pair of nike air rifts produced are different. Every pair are logged by nike and come with 1...a product code, 2...a size and release date code. The release date code is a 6 digit number based above the size inside your shoe on either...material or white plastic material. Look above the size inside your rift and you will find a 6 digit number with the first two digits being the release date of the actual colourway. For example 007437>>year 2000!...040944>>>year 2004! 974626>>>year 1997.

Hope this information helps everyone. If not dont forget the FREE legit service at where people will help you spot fakes if you post the item number.

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