How to spot a benefit realness of concealness fake

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How to spot a fake benefit realness of concealness kit


Real  -  Cover Box                             Fake  -  Cover Box

Real - Dots are pink and white. Measures 6.9cm L x 8.4cm W.    

Fake - Missing dots under right-hand swirls.  Dots are orange, beige and white.  Measures 7cm L x 8.5cm W (slightly bigger).

Real  -  Inner Box                                Fake  -  Inner Box

Real - Dots are hot pink, pink & white. Measures 6.7cm L x 8.4cm W.

Fake - Dots are orange, beige & white.  Measures 6.9cm L x 8.6cm W (slightly bigger). Longer box means more circles showing at the bottom of the box. Wider inner box than cover box gives a 1mm over-hang when inner box inserted into cover box.

Real                                                  Fake

Real - Backing paper has large brown spots on a light pink background.  Product holder is a milk chocolate colour.

Fake - Backing paper has large brown spots on a light beige background. Paper ends too near the top edge showing a partial new row of spots. Product holder is a dark chocolate     colour. Glue marks over it.  Bottom edge over-hangs by 1mm.  Mirror is misplaced leaving a gap at the bottom which is not covered by the backing paper. boi-ing is slightly darker.

Real - Leaflet has clear, crisp print.  

Fake - Leaflet is a photocopy.  boi-ing & lip plump are difficult to read due to the dark background colour. Pictures are mottled.

I hope this helps.  I was duped into buying the above fake kit from an ebay seller with 100% feedback.  The kit for sale was described as BNIB & an unwanted gift.  This was the only benefit kit she had for sale and I could see no previous sales of the kit. Thought I was getting the real deal.

Note that alot of the pictured kits shown for sale on ebay are taken from the benefit website, or similar, and are not a photo of the actual item that you will receive.  In this case you will only find out if you have a fake or not when you receive it - like I did. 




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