How to spot a fake Ed Hardy Cap!!!!

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A Friend of mine recently purchased a ED HARDY cap which happened to be fake.

As i Have been a big "ED HARDY CAPS" fan for the last couple of years id like to shed some light on how not to get stung by a fake.

The fake caps that are advertised all over the web are getting closer and closer to looking like the real thing but there are a few key things that give it away.....

1. The Mesh on the the fake caps feels alot cheaper than the real ones and the gaps are alot wider.

2. The Metal Piece on the top of the cap is very detailed on a real cap and looks more like an ape on the fake.

3. On the plastic adjustable band at the back of the cap it says WWW DONEDHARDY COM and this is raised up on the real cap. Most fakes will not have the webpage on there or if they do it wont normally be raised. ( i have missed the dots out on the webpage to comply with ebay ruling)

The three points that i have mentioned above are easy things that can be spotted on a fake. Unfortunately the fakes are getting better and better and you may not spot any of the above and still be purchasing a fake cap. Not to worry people there is still hope!!! My final point is one that even the best fakes still cannot bypass. 99 out of 100 very good fakes will give away their true authenticity due to this flaw. Which brings me to point number........

4. Any Genuine Ed Hardy cap regardless of the colour or pattern on the cap will always have a GREY plastic adjustable band at the back. 99.9% of the time the fakes will have a band that is the same colour as the cap. The authentic caps will always have grey bands regardless of the colour or pattern on the cap.

I hope my topic has helped. As a good friend of mine was ripped off i felt that i owed it to share the knowledge that i have on this topic with other consumers.

Thank You Very Much


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