How to spot a fake Epiphone Les Paul Guitar

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Yes, there are PLETNY of them about. a Friend of mine just purchased one, so i took the time to work out how to spot them a mile out:

first detail, the scratch plate retaining screw. On the genuine article, it sits well inside the plate, on fakes, it's closer to the edge:



The left one is the fake, the right one the original one. The pictures are a little poor, but you get the idea, and which screw to check !

Second clue is the serial number. Do as to see a picture of this, as the fake one is easy to spot: The first two letters are bigger than the numbers. slightly, but bigger. on the genuine article, letters and numbers are all of the same size.

Finally, do your research, there are plenty more details that dont match. The signature epis such as the Zakk wylde or the Slash signature are copied quite often. so are the black beauty and custom models. However, today i spoted a few standards and my friend bought a fake Ultra (light weight and all )! Sellers will usually hide the id of the highest bidder so that he/she cannot be warned off...this is also a good sign of a scam !

I have spotted at least 10 listings in 10mins today.. so watch out !

hope this helps.


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