How to spot a fake autograph being sold

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Hi there here is a simple guide to spotting fake autographs being sold on ebay. 

1).  If the price is too good to believe then it is probably a fake i saw some Matt Groening simpsons drawings on ebay the other week and they were on auction going for around £10-20 the seller had about 4 i knew this because i pressed check other items in the listing.  Once i searched through his other stuff which he had lady gaga buy it now for £20 etc etc i knew that they were all fake.  The drawings looked ok but a few weird bits on them made me think they were not real. 

2).  Check there other items do they have multiples of top celebs which are hard to get.  I have seen one seller who had all multi-signed movie posters.  Had full cast signed goodfellas and scarface and godfather all near on impossible to get 1 fully signed he had 2-3 of each and they were selling for around £60 which is stupid.  I could have possibly in 15 years got 1 or 2 of these posters signed if i really put my head to it and would want over £250 for each minimum.

3).  Ask questions, where was it signed? What date was it?  What were they doing?

my answer to these questions would be for example my Tom Cruise was signed at the premiere for Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX cinema London - 13th Dec 2011.

4).  Check the feedback and see what people have bought

Hope this helps
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