How to spot a fake stone island coat

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Stone Island

Stone island is one of the finest manufacturers of coats that i know of. it is part of the CP company and is a quality manufactured Italian company. the coats are very smart and also very practical, and i highly recomend them to anyone who wants to wear one of the best designer makes around!!!!!

Spotting the fakes!!!

when buying a stone island coat from ebay always be wary of the seller and the product. just because an item is cheap it doesn't mean it is fake, although a lot are.  you should always contact the seller and ask for more pictures and information about the coat.

Things to look for!!!

you should always ask for extra pictures if there is just one picture of the coat. every stone island coat will have a serial number printed on the tag in the top of the coat. also always ask for a close picture of the emblem on the left arm and also the buttons, the buttons will always have stone island printed on them and the badge should be black in colour with stone island printed in a circle in green surrounded by a green and yellow compass. you should also ask for pictures of the inside of the coat, as there should be a Raso Gommato sign with a long description about the history of stone island and raso Gommato. stone island have bough out a new range of clothing and some of the newer items don't actually have the emblem on the left arm, in this case you should look for a stone island symbol that should be printed on the left hand side of the chest. some of the stone island hoodys can be passed as real but in this case you should always look at the bottom of the sleeves as the majority of them will have 3 stripes which circle the cuff on the sleeve.

if you have any doubts about an item contact the seller or myself, as if you buy a stone island item you don't want it to be a fake.

hope this guide helps you, because i hate looking for stone island on ebay and finding loads of fakes, lets stop buying the cheap replicas and start wearing the real deal.



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