How to spot fake Nike Air 90 / Classics

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With so many fake trainers flooding into Britain and ebay Streetsoles thought it was their duty to give the public a simple guide to detect whether the pair of trainers they are buying are genuine or not.

First and foremost check the sellers feedback, there is a good chance that if this seller has been selling for a while then someone will have left negative feedback if they are fake.  Use the free software for checking ebay bad feedback at site helps you filter bad feedback saving you time searching through pages of feedback.  I recommend doing this before anything else as this can quickly detect a fake seller.  However, some fake sellers may have 100% feedback so dont assume that because they have perfect feedback they are genuine.

If you have bought a pair from ebay and you take your Nike Air 90s or Classics out of the box check the soles.  Usually the soles are very cheap rubber you can quickly test this by bending the trainer in half, real Nike air Classics and 90s are very stiff where as fakes can literally be bent in half.  Beware as the minute you wear these fake trainers youve got about a weeks wear possibly 2 before the grip is completely worn.

Check listing states they are real, if key words like Genuine, Authentic are not on their listing its a good chance the seller has left this off for good reason.  Email the seller ask them are these Classics or 90s are real or not.  Most cases you will not receive an answer, which is your answer!

Material, although without buying to see product it is hard to distinguish whether or not the material is of a cheap quality and the photos are either too small or no up close shots, even fake photos are used from genuine sellers to help push fakes.  However, if you have bought and have received item things to look for are.
  • Cheap shiny leather
  • Insoles are not fixed to the shoe and will pull out on first wear.
  • Fakes do not tend to keep shape as they are made with cheap material.
  • Uneven width and length.
  • Size and shape and size of Nike tick.
  • Nike tick can sometimes be out of shape jagged edges and stitching not even.
Again if bought, test the air bubble by pressing in it will feel like there is no air in them.  Real air pockets are very hard and when you wear them you can certainly tell the difference.  go to a local store and try a real pair on.

When looking at the listing picture one give away is the backs, fake trainers slant in slightly so if the seller has not given a side profile ask for one. (see pictures for example).

             REAL                                                         FAKE
(NB above pictures, notice just at the top at back of trainer,; fakes still curve off where the real pair straighten up).

Box, A fake box is generally dimmer in colour and has a rough dry feel to it, where as a real box is brighter in colour and has a smoother feel.  Also,  on a fake box the label is usually wonky.  Something I have noticed is that with fake trainers the uk size on box is the first size above EUR and US sizing and is usually larger than the rest.  Whereas with the genuine trainers that we have had in stock US sizes are above UK size and the US size is large.

Look at picture of the Air max sign on side of trainer, fake sign is very poor quality where as with the real pair you will notice the sign is very good quality (see picture for example).

                   REAL                                                               FAKE

(NB Above pictures, Notice the cheap material, shine on fakes and poor quality AIR MAX SIGN).

Hopefully this helps you distinguish between real and fake, keep posted as new information will be added to try and keep one step ahead of the fake sellers.  If you have experienced any other ways to spot fake Rifts or any other trainers please email me so I can update my list and to help others from being scammed.


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