How to spot fake Vivienne Westwood jewellery

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My third Vivienne Westwood shopping guide should help you to spot fake Vivienne Westwood jewellery.  I have waited a while before writing this review as I've been building up my collection of Vivienne Westwood jewellery and have only recently decided that I'm 100% confident with fake-spotting.


Basically, there are some great fakes and some god awful fakes in the jewellery department.  The problem is that Vivienne Westwood jewellery is costume jewellery, and it's pretty poor quality to start with!  A lot of her stuff is brass with plating, which is quite disappointing adn easy to fake, but hey.

Anyway, let's get started.

First of all, assume everything on eBay s fake.  Seriously, it's bad.  There are certain things to look out for, but if you're unsure, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

1 - The Seller

Look at the seller's feedback.  You can see other items they've recently sold...have they just sold 20 'Genuine Vivienne Westwood Orb Necklaces' that are brand new, for about £20-£25 each?  Then their stuff is fake.  If, however, they have recently sold a used m&s t shirt, a topshop handbag and an unwanted cath kidston notebook, you can tell they're probably genuine....get a good feel for the seller by checking their feedback.  Also take a note of location...yes sellers located in Hong Kong are more likely to have access to counterfeit goods, but so do people in other countries too....and remember, the seller may have recently been a buyer who has decided they don't want the counterfeit rubbish they've just bought!

2 - The item & packaging

There are three things you need to look at when buying Vivienne Westwood jewellery: the box, the dustbag and the piece of jewellery.  Firstly, look at the lettering on the box and dustbag.  Look at the lettering...check the packaging is real by comparing the W, s and o in Westwood to the fonts found on official VW websites (e.g. Hervia).  The curve/loop at the top left of the W should be nice and rounded, not squashed or flattened looking.  The s is quite stylised and in a unique font, not flat and plain looking.  The 'o' has a diagonal break in the top of the circle.  Also, check the two 'n's' in Vivienne...they should join up at the bottom.  Check the 'tw' in Westwood....they should also join up.  Check both of the 'i's' is Vivienne are dotted.  My instructions may sound strange, but if you are familiar with the labels you'll know what I mean.

At Christmas time you can get boxes that are plastic and have rounded edges.  The Vivienne Westwood lettering is printed on the bottom of the box, so it might be worth asking the seller to see a photo of the bottom of the box.  The cardboard boxes obviously have the lettering on the top

Don't ever forget though...IT COULD BE A FAKE PIECE IN A REAL BOX!!  I have lots of genuine VW boxes, so there's not much stopping me from buying some cheap tat and trying to sell it.  Make sure you check out the seller and his/her feedback first before looking at the piece of jewellery.

Next, look at the item.  The tag on or near the clasp should say Vivienne Westwood, and the lettering in the tag should be of the same style and font as the packaging...often on the fakes the lettering on the tag is unclear and not in the special 'trademark' font.  If it's a pendant check the finding that attaches the pendant to the chain...I bought a piece off eBay that turned out to be fake and you can tell it's been poorly spot welded on that attachment part.  Generally, just check to see if there are any lumps or bumps that don't seem right.  All of the parts of the item should feel 'weighty' and solid, not flimsy like they might snap

3 - Hervia/

As with my other guide on spotting fake VW bags familiarise youself with the merchandise on Hervia and, the seasons that items come out at, the prices, the findings (type of lobster clasp, jump rings etc), types of chains, dimensions.  Then, if you are still suspicious of the seller, ask questions.  The usual kinds of questions I ask are: What season is this piece from, do you have the original reciept, what is the reason for sale etc.  Asking for more photos, close-ups etc should not be a problem for the seller.  If they start getting shirty with you, assume it's because they're selling fakes and are being defensive.

4 - Armour Rings and pearl chokers

They're the most faked items of all.  There's a really good guide to spotting fake armour rings that I take absolutely no credit for whatsoever, this is NOT my webpage, but here's a link:

As for fake chokers, just follow the guidelines above, and use common sense...brand new Vivienne Westwood Pearl Choker, from Hong Kong, for £25?  Um, no thanks!  (BTW if a pearl choker is for sale and you think it might be real ask for a photo of the clasp at the back, you know what to look for...the orb and the six springs!)

...and again, don't forget to compare to Hervia!

5 - After Sales

You've bought an item and you're concerned about the authenticity.  BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK: To authenticate it you can...

-Go to the Vivienne Westwood community on Live Journal:  ...and write a post, include photos etc.  I am a member of this community too, and everyone there will be happy to help you
-I offer an authentication service via eBay at a very reasonable rate.  Please check out my listings or contact me.
-Go to a VW store or another shop that sells VW (I think selfridges does) and get it authenticated (although when I asked for this to be done at Conduit St once for a bag I'd bought the manager said it's not something they normally do, plus the bag did turn out to be fake, but the manager didn't even know!)

Then if it's fake you can go through eBay and paypal procedures to return the item and get a refund.  NEVER return an item to a seller without getting tracking or recorded delivery of some sort - they can easily lie and say they never got the item back.

I hope this guide has been helpful.  Contact me if you've any questions or comments.  Good luck in your future purchases, and remember, if you buy fakes it will make our lovely Vivienne cry!

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