How to spot fake and counterfeit designer glasses and sunglasses

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Designer Glasses eBay.
How to spot fake designer frames and sunglasses.

This guide will help you to spot fake designer sunglasses and spectacles on eBay. At Eyewear Lab, we have encountered many forms of counterfeit designer eye frames and shades on-line. We know what you should look for to avoid being deceived with cheap fake eyewear. If you are still in doubt, please email us for free advice.

Pictures of the item

Most designer frames are expensive due to the level of detail incorporated into the design. We have found that fake goods manufacturers cut corners on the detail as this is too hard and expensive to copy.
1. If there are no photos provided, email the seller to request, buying blind is the worst scenario.
2. If the frame picture is blurred or incomplete, this will not allow you to check for detail in the frame.
3. Compare the pictures to the manufacturers website or compare to other glasses websites.
4. Some sellers copy item pictures from other genuine sellers, look out for this.
5. Pictures of an actual fake frame can be checked to see if the tags are included and look authentic.
6. The small details in counterfeit frames can be checked for poor manufacturing and a sub-standard finish.

Location of seller
Without offending the genuine traders, over 80% of fake eyewear originates from the far east. There are 100's of fake Prada, Dior, Chanel and more  frames on sale right now. How do we know this?
1. Price is too good to be true and much lower than the normal price.
2. Combine low price with shipping from China or Singapore etc.
3. The seller has many different designer brands at very low prices that are too good to be true.

Reputation of seller
It is a very common mistake for buyers not to check the seller's feedback for previous customers comments. This facility provides the best possible indication as to weather the seller has sold authentic designer frames.
1. Check customer comments for any mention of missing items or poor quality product.
2. Is this seller selling a pair of glasses as a one off or is it their main line of business?
3. Always check the seller's replies to any negative feedback comments from unhappy customers.
4. Genuine sellers will efficiently answer all email and phone questions, so contact first.

We have created some brand specific guides that provide a more detailed analysis of non genuine designer eyewear. Our Oakley guide shows some good examples of the fake variants we have come across and we compare them to the authentic versions.

Thanks for reading.
Eyewear Lab Outlet Team.

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