How to spot fake counterfeit Soccer / Football Shirts

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How to spot fake counterfeit Soccer / Football Jersey:

Thousands of soccer jerseys are sold on eBay everyday from English premier league to world cup team. Sellers often describe items as Nike, Umbro or Adidas. Sometimes sellers write the name of the brand and sometimes they don't - but in the picture - you can see the brand logo. There are some easy technique to spot them whether original or fake.

Following points will help you to avoid buying fake soccer jersey.

1. If the item is on "Buy it now" and the price is below $40, it is likely a fake one. Because no one can sell in loss.

2. If it is in auction, watch the number of bids. Read description carefully. Ask seller if he/she can provide a copy of the original receipt with the jersey.

3. Be careful to buy a signed jersey, it's not easy to get a signature from a super star like Beckham or other. So, see if the seller has some other items to sell on his/her listing which include more than one signed jersey. It's unlikely that someone can get multiple signed jersey from a star.

4. Location is irrelevant. Sometimes sellers claim as "UK Seller" or "USA Seller" - it really doesn't ensure the authenticity of the jersey. Seller may be selling jerseys sitting in Asia. Or he/she have bought fake jersey in wholesale.

I hope that it helps.

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