How to spot fake trainers and buying safe

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Spotting fakes - a guide

*  Is the item being sold too cheap? ok this might not necessarily mean they are fake but this could be a final factor in deciding whether or not the trainer is in fact real or counterfeit.  Genuine sellers on the other hand might be trying to build feedback or because they do not have the overheads of a shop they can of course offer low prices. 

* Most fake sellers will try to shy away from admitting their items are genuine. Check their listings, does it state that their item is in fact real/genuine/authentic.  Email the seller ask them,  if you do not get a response then you can be sure they are fake.

* Check sellers feedback.  You can be sure if someone is selling fake trainers the seller somewhere down the line will no doubt have some bad feedback stating they are fake, search their feedback or even email a person that they have sold a pair too and ask them if they thought they were fake.  Sometimes buyers dont know until a few months down the line, they have left good feedback, it rains and their sole falls off!!

* Fake sellers tend to either put up catalogue pictures, very small pictures or maybe just one picture.  A genuine seller will have nothing to hide and take large pictures and pictures of all angles of the trainer.

* Very poor quality, may be hard to tell by just looking at a photo but counterfeit trainers tend to be made with cheap variant materials.  Rubber soles are very cheap soft rubber and can be moved, almost fold in half, especially on Nike Air 90 / Classics.  Originals are very sturdy and difficult to bend.  Fake soles wear out within a week.  So if you have bought a pair like this email the seller and ask for a full refund.

*Ebay are making it very hard for fake sellers to list on ebay now but sellers can still list the odd few pairs.  So to be safe buy from a seller with a large quantity of the "targeted fakes" meaning Adidas, Reebok and Nike.  As fake sellers will not be able to list large quantities of these items.  There is an exception, sellers who are just starting out of course.  Ebay are monitoring feedback closely and restricting potential fraudsters.

TIP- If still undecided and you are ready to purchase a pair of trainers never buy off site (ebay).  Also, I would recommend purchasing through paypal as you have some help and power in getting your money back.

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