How to spot fake trainers and clothes on ebay

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Although ebay take measure to insure fake items of clothing e.t.c do not come on there site sellers still manage to somehow sell these items .My guide/review will help you spot these and make sure you are getting what you pay for and dont fall into these evil peoples hands what these people are doing is criminal and is not fair on the buyer

Ebay has strict polices that sellers should not sell fakes and i beleive less afkes are on ebay today than maybe a year ago but they are still there and pople are getting sold fake items daily without knowing it this is not ebays fault                                                                                                                                             BUYERS PLEASE READ BEOFRE COMMITING TO BUY AN ITEM YOU ARE UNSURE OF.

FIRSTLY, always check the sellers feedback if you spot lot sof negatives stating fake items stay well clear and report them to ebay straight away even if they have few negatives stating fake items i would stay well clear.
How many items has the seller got for sale if they have lots of multiple listing selling the same type of clothing or trainers be wary if they are at very cheap prices for example a georgio armani jumper that retails at £150 is being sold by the seller at buy it now price of £39.99 start to think a little is this to good to be true (most probably yes)
even if a seller was to buy in extremely large bulk to sell an expensive item like that at a low cost is extremely unlikely to be a legit real item of clothing or pair of trainers
SECONDLY, most items of clothing that are expensive and are known to have fakes produced have aproduct code in the labels or on trainer boxes e.t.c so be so be sure to look out for these if the label look of poor quality then chances are its a fake as labels can be faked also, below are 2 examples of labels from stone island jumpers study the labels and judge for your self what one you would trust and beleive to be a genuine label

both labels are taken from stone island jumpers as you can already see one stands out already as to quality the art number that you can see is the number for that type of jumper you will find some fakes will have a numnber on them for a completely different item say a t shirt code on a jumper or on a jacket the one on the left is the fake and the right is the genuine label be aware though not all sellers take pictures of there labels although alot of sellers do take pictures as the fake will have a code this is to trick the buyer into thinking it is genuine and tricks alot of people so be aware of this if unsure ask the seller more questions and also ring the company to find out if the code is correct and send them a photo

THIRDLY, always look for colour fading  for example a good quality genuine top or pair of trainers will be a vibrant color very solid were as a fake will be dull and probably wash out to a very crappy colour after a few washes  look for out of shapeness many fake trainers if looked at closely in the pictures will notice out of shapness in the soles and generall shape nike air max 90 for example lot of fakes on ebay you must look at the air bubble genuine are very smooth and not atall out of shape clours are solid ,fakes on the other hand bubbles tend to look very very poor although some look very good also look out for what many sellers call exclusive colours wont find these in the shops e.t.c you will not find them because they simply do not exist and were never made by nike puma e.t.c if in doubt always ask seller more questions or ring the company with a photo or email them below you will see 3 examples or some real and fake nike air max 90 trainers


sorry about the pictures firstly let stalk about the genuine one the far left traineryou can see the air bubble is perfect as it should be colours are very strong and very importantly u will notice with fakes is the bottom white part of the trainer above the sole is not out of shape at all fakes normally are ..if you have brought a pair of fakes to the touch this will feel very hard  genuine ones feel soft..also the grey part above the air bubble that says air max i know you cannot see here very clearly but the writing is in the centre fakes will be either to the left or right  or not straight e.t.c the trainers in the middle are very fake nike did not  produce thi scour way and as you can see the trainer loks very out of shape also the far left rainer same out of shape air bubble is to closed  what i mean by this is the air bubble is not rounded like the genuine ones on the right u can also see in the 3 pictures the air max badge at the back is slighty visible from the side of genuine trainers , but on fakes the badge will come round the trainer more.

ALSO  things to look out for on all fake items is sellers will use site photos of genuine products im not saying all sellers that use site photos are selling fakes far from it just be very wary if sellers are selling clothing and trainers with site photos ask for real photos of the items if in doubt NEVER BUY.
send sellers as many questions as you like if they have nothing to hide and are genuine they will answer all of your questions no problems at all it is your rite to ask you are parting with your money so make sure you are 100& sure before buying and report all fake items to ebay and lets make ebay a safer place to buy and sell for all of us

below are some pictures of fakes please beware and take your time when looking at a photo of an item..


Please if you are unsure of anything read over this again im sure and hoping this will help you spot fake items before its to late

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