How to spot genuine Mulberrybayswater and AnyaHindmarch

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To buy things in E-Bay is a very tempation things to do and through my experience as a seller and also a bidder sometime is really a hassle to buy designer item especially the one which has too many fake such as LOUIS VUITTON,CHANEL, MULBERRY BAYSWATER AND EVEN ANYA HINDMARCH brand.

This is from previous experience buying MULBERRY BAYSWATER recently which I have been rip off for nealry £600 for 2bags which the seller insists it's authentic but when I went to MULBERRY flagship store they told me the bag is 200% fake.Luckily I have paid them trough PAY PAL and another seller is honest enough to refund my money.........

Okey here is some guide how to get the original one especially from E-Bay

1. Make sure the seller has the receipt for the item

2. All MULBERRY BAYSWATER the zip inside is from the left to the right instead from the right to the left

3. Behind the zip inside the bag must have number M6

4. Serial number behind the round tag which is normally inside the bag

5. The embossed symbol of MULBERRY must really clear and deep

6. The smells of the leather also will help to verified the bag is real leather and Authentic

7. The tag number must be the same when you checked at MULBERRY website

8. The stiching must be need and deep stiches and the same from one to another

9. The key and padlocks must be need and not scruffy as the original one costs a fortune of course MULBERRY will make it as carefully as they can to keep their reputation and quality

ANYA HINDMARH also has lots of fake recently especially from US selller and also some in the UK.I am a big fan of ANYA so for me just wait to buy from them straight whenever they have sale because it's worth it to get straight to have peace of mind.

For LOUIS VUITTON bags or other accesories make sure seller has the receipt as this particular brand cost thousands and hundreds of pounds so oviously seller will keep receipt for every purchased and I did buy few of them and even it's been years I still have the receipt for it!The thing is LOUIS VUITTON never have sale or discount infact their price goes up every year so just beware before purchased them !!!

I hope this info might help and just make sure like I mentioned before always ask the seller first about the receipt if they have one and look if the seller offer PAY PAL payment method so you are safe and covered if something turns out!GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING


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