How to spruce up suede footwear

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Bring a kettle to the boil and hold your shoe over the steam (be very careful not to scald your hands). Use the foam side of a CLEAN DRY dish washing sponge to gently lift the nap of the suede. The footwear should then be left for a while to dry naturally, as the steam will make them slightly damp.
This will lift the dust from the nap of the suede, and give instant results on dark colours such as black and navy. The more expensive the suede, the better the results will be.
I always recommend you use an aerosol protector spray on new purchases and after cleaning too. This will protect the shoes from rain showers, grease and general dust from pavements & carpets etc.
If you find yourself with a pair of suede shoes caked in mud the first thing you need to do is LET THEM DRY! when the shoes are dry it is much easier to brush off the excess mud first with a soft brush such as an old toothbrush. If you are left with just a dusty surface then you can use the steam method as above. However if the mud is soaked in deeper you will need to purchase a foaming suede cleaner to help with the removal.

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