How to take care of gold plated jewellery

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Gold Plating will fade or tarnish if not worn with care. Gold Plated or Silver jewellery fades or tarnishes due to various reasons with time and its use. Like all materials that is not real gold will eventually fade or tarnish and there is no time limit after how long it will fade or tarnish as it depends upon each individual person and locality. The rate at which it fade or tarnish will vary depending on your body chemistry, how acidic or basic it is and how much you sweat or how humid the weather is in your locality, etc.

Note down the following tips in order to maintain its shine or prevent from tarnish and to wear Gold Plated and Silver jewellery for a long time:

1. Do not hold the item from the name part, try holding it with the attached chain only to avoid finger imprints on it.

2. Do not wear whilst swimming, bathing or in highly humid areas.

3. Do not spray perfume or chemicals directly on it. Spray perfume or body spray before wearing jewellery. After applying makeup, clean your hands before putting on jewellery.

4. Avoid wearing Gold Plated or Silver jewellery while you are sweating.

5. Polish it using a recommended jewellery polishing solution. To remove dust, dip the name part in water and rinse it gently with a soft cotton cloth.

6. When not in use hang it up or store in a separate jewellery bag or box so that it won't rub off by itself or with other materials and to prevent contact with air and humidity. 

7. Use dry, soft cotton cloth to wipe it gently before or after wearing.
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