How to tell fake GHD MK4 straightners VOTE IF HELPFUL

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   PLEASE VOTE IF HELPFUL...How to tell really good fake ghds.... i was unlucky enough to purchase a pair is my guide pics not very good i have more if needed

1)                       2)                          g3)

extreamlly good fake ones i must say!   my sister in law brought her official ones round so we could compare the difference... here is how to spot fake ghds....

firstly register the serial number.... if it wont register then you know somethings wrong...


1.fake ghds are more black than grey see pic the ones on the  left are fake... more darker

 2. the ghd lettering , the dots will be slightly joined if they are fake, genuine ones dont join at all see this pic , unlike pic 3

3. the ghd label on the plug with the serial and hologram on will look the same but the actual hologram will be brighter and also the holgram itself will be stuck on to the label... feel to see, genuine ones its all in one smooth label.

4. again on the straighners the  holorgam will be stuck on top of the serail number sticker , not smooth as in one sticker  on genuine ones.

5. the grooves at the end of the straightners on the fake ones will be rounded,the genuine ones are more squared

6. there will be one small hole on the wire coming out of the ghds if they are genuine, if not again suspect fake.

7. the box shoud say ghd IV styler on the box

8. the fake ones take twice as long to heat up approx  20 seconds longer

i have more info if you suspect.....


trading standards will be dealing with my fake ones purchased of ebay..... be careful!!

hope this helps...



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