How to treat dog ear infections

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The Best dog/cat ear treatment for bacterial yeast infections is Zymox otic
For Dogs & Cats  
ZYMOX Otic is used in dogs and cats for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections.  Otitis externa is an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by chronic swelling and pain in the outer part of the ears. Simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt them and can lead to aggression. It provides quick relief for your pet and also eliminates the bacteria and fungi that caused the infection. suppressed immune system, and excessive skin folds in the ear. The addition of hydrocortisone provides added relief from inflammation as well as relief from itching.  It is safe to use as a long-term medication and is especially beneficial for persistent cases of otitis externa.

It contains no antibiotics, and acts as a cleanser and a medication in a daily dose. It has no memory, so it destroys microorganisms resistant to antibiotics. Easy to use.
Zymox Otic is an effective, powerful, antimicrobial ear solution containing only natural bio-active enzymes and is safe for extended, preventative use for chronic otitis externa.
Just apply liberally in the dirty ear to fill the canal. Gently massage and work into the infected area. Wipe to remove excess. Treat once a day for 7 days or 14 days for chronic cases. Flush the ear after the full course of treatment(7-14 days) with dog  ear cleaner. Do not use in conjunction with other topical ear medications or cleaners during treatment.
·  For treating inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections
·  Contains no antibiotics
·  Destroys antibiotic-resistant organisms
·  Easy to use  
  How this product should be used:
 Apply liberally to fill the ear canal. Gently massage, working the medication into the infected area. Permit the pet to shake their head to remove excess medication. For acute infections treat once a day for 7 days. For chronic infections, treat once a day for 14 days.
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