How to treat muscle sprain

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How to Recover from a Strained or Pulled Muscle
It is so easy to pull a muscle these days: it doesn't even matter if you're an athlete or not. A lot of people never know what to do when it happens, besides putting a bag of ice on it. This is for general muscle injuries, but they should help.

Steps   Put an ice pack, or ice wrapped in a towel (anything cold, really. A bag of frozen peas can do) on the area of pain for 10-15 minutes. This should be done immediately.
Rest for a while, making sure to raise the injured area above the 'heart level'. Obviously, if it's your back, you can't do that.
Massage the area a few minutes every hour. This is supposed decrease swelling and increase blood flow.
If you have a heat pad/hot water bottle use it now. If you don't have these things a *moist* hot towel, hot shower, or even a *moist* hot sponge can do the trick. Make sure the swelling has decreased before doing this step. Never use them for more than 30 minutes at a time.
Compress the injury with one of those elastic bandages/gauze things. Watch out you don't wrap it so tightly that you're going to cut off circulation. (Blue skin, tingling and numbness are dead give aways)
Gradually increase your activity. Begin by stretching (you know, the ones they make you do at the beginning of gym class), then move on to walking etc.


Tips   Rest is essential. One day off your leg helps, while a whole week of ignoring the pain won't do anything but delay recovery.
If swelling doesn't go away in four days, you should have yourself checked out by a doctor.
If the pain is too much, consider asking the doc for aspirin.
Whenever you're forced to move, make sure the elastic bandage is on, for support.
Always stretch before doing any exercise.


Warnings   Always wrap the frozen thing you are going to use in something (i.e. a towel ). Not doing so could result in frostbite.
Never take more than eight tablets in a day
Make sure your injury is just a 'pull', not a 'break'.
Children under 17 should NEVER be given aspirin unless the doctor says so. This guide is not a substitute for real medical opinions.


Things You'll Need   frozen thing (ice pack, frozen juice box, frozen peas...) 
towel to wrap said frozen thing
Heat pad, hot shower or hot *moist* towel
Elastic bandage
If given permission *from qualified person*, aspirin .

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