How to use Rubber Rings for Pandora jewelry making?

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These small rubber rings can be used in many different ways. They are mainly used in Pandora bracelets or Pandora necklaces instead of lock beads, to stop other beads charms falling off the bracelet when the bracelet is unfastened.

First, it is especially useful on bracelets or necklace with no screw thread, to act as lock beads

Second, they can also be used to keep your beads from moving along the bracelet. Put this rubber ring stopper at both ends of the beads, and then the beads will be held in place where you want them. This is very useful if the bracelet is not full.

Third, you can use it on your necklace design to fix some beads position. Such as to hold some beads higher up the necklace

Last, as the picture shown,you can match it with a clip bead. Put the rubber ring on the bracelet where you want it and then use a clip clasps it. it looks very nice.

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