How to use our Complete NANO BREW BEER Making Kit

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Anybody can use this kit! It’'s Never Been Easier! Just add water!
This Nano Kit contains everything you need to make 2 bottles of beer, including reusable high quality PET bottles with patented Oxbar technology with caps. Full easy to follow step by step instructions included!
Kit –Contents:
1 x Fermentation Container- For the initial brewing process, includes lid with CO2 valve
2 x Bags of sterilizer –-Clean your equipment to avoid contamination
2 x PET Plastic Re-usable Bottles with screw caps and labels
1 x Steel long spoon - To mix the ingredients
1 x Siphon tube
1 x Liquid malt extract
1 x Dry malt extract + brewing sugar
1 x Yeast
Equipment not included:
Half spoon of sugar
Hydrometer (optional)
Thermometer (optional)
A perfect cleaning and sanitizing are very important to make good beers.
So before to start wash carefully yours hands with soap, all equipment with hot water and then with a sanitize solution which is included in the kit (each sanitizer bag is to dissolve in ½ liter of water). One bag is to sanitize the brew equipment and the other one is to use in a second moment to sanitize bottles.
All that will be in contact with the beer must be previously sanitized to avoid contamination.
1. Put 1,1 Liter (110gr) of water into a pan, add liquid malt extract and dry malt extract + brewing sugar, stir well and boil for around 5 minutes.
2. Empty the mixture into the fermentation container (sterilized).
3. When the mixture temperature is around 18-20°C add the yeast and stir.
4. Lock the fermentation container with the lid (sterilized) and leave to ferment for about 8 days.
5. Check that fermentation is completely finished before proceding. This can be confirmed when no bubbles are rising to the surface and the brew begins to clear. An (not included) hydrometer reading of between 1002-1010 will confirm that fermentation is complete.
It is important to make sure that fermentation is complete before bottling; otherwise there is a danger of the bottles bursting.
The “Priming” process will carbonate your beer, which adds the life and sparkle to the beer..
1. Using the siphon pipe (sterilized) aspirate bottom of the fermentation container to remove residues of yeast.
2. Add the priming sugar bag to the mixture and stir well.
3. Sanitize bottles and caps and put the beer inside the bottles using the siphon pipe.
4. Cup your bottles and transfer them into a warm place (about 20°C) for around 4 days to allow secondary fermentation to take place. Do not store in direct sunlight.
5. Now move the bottles to a cool place to allow the beer to clear. Clearing will take about one week. Once the beer is perfectly clear it is ready to drink, but will improve if left to mature for at least two weeks; ideal time for a great taste would be 1-2 months.
Bottled beers can be conserve for around 1 year if keep in a fresh place without sunlight
Serving your beer
When serving the beer be careful not to disturb the yeast sediment that will have collected at the bottom of the bottle. You may find it preferable to pour the beer into a jug first.
Serve cool.
Rinsing the bottles out with water immediately after emptying will make them easier to clean and sterilize the next time.
This is the smaller kit in the world!!!
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