How to win on ebay.

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Ebay can be a real fun place to be! If you're a buyer, you can get a good deal here. You'll find almost anything you want (Including some things you don't want)

No matter whether you are buying or selling, think Psychology! Bigtime! When you buy, look at the other bidders - observe how much they bid, and the increments. Consider why are they doing it? Are they a casual buyer? Are they Professionals? Why do you want the item? How badly do you want it? Do they want it more than you do? Fix your price - according to what you think it's worth! Synchronise your watch with ebay time (There's always a time lag). Enter your bid! Don't do the usual thing and enter the expected. Do the unexpected. Enter say, £5.13 instead of £4.99 or even £4.98. Don't give the other Guy any thinking time! Snipe in and confirm your bid, with maybe only a few seconds to go. 50% of the time - you'll get your prize!

When you sell - Think Psychology! Take a great pic! Try flash, and without. Tell everything about your item, polish it up! Tell the buyers why they want YOUR item above all others. Make them want your item. Start the bidding at 99p. If you've got it right, it'll sell well. See what similar items have sold for in the past. Buyers just LOVE the thrill of the Auction! They're right there - in Monte Carlo, at Sotheby's, the heart pumps as the seconds tick by - the adrenalin flows. Above all - be 100% honest! Respect! It works!  

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