How too buy safely off ebay!

Like if this guide is helpful

Hi in this short guide i hope i can give you information on how to buy safely off ebay their are a few steps to take and things to look at:

1. If its to good to be true it usually is always  remember this

2.If your going to buy electronical goods make sure it has all they leads, instruction manuals, remotes, ECT

3.Always check the sellers feedback score and feedback received

4.Always ask why the seller is selling that paticular item

5.Always check the postage costs an item my be cheap to buy but the price of postage could sometimes be more then the item itself

6.Always try and use Paypal as this is a brilliant service and you haven't got half as much chance as getting ripped off.

I hope this short guide has helped you i will be writing a lot more when i have some spare time, EBAY is a great way to get a bargain or something rare but just make sure you're getting what people say you are,


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