How your loosing money selling a 1p eBooks on ebay 2007

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This information is on how your loosing money by selling a 1p picture on ebay. Sellers Beware you must not sell 1p ebooks to boost your feedback score or you could be suspended or blocked from ebay for 3 months or indefinitely. So DO NOT use this information to get feedback.

The basics

 1.  If you are selling a buy it now item for 1p eBay will not let you list a quantity of more than one item.  You have to have a minimum of 99p to use buy it now with a quantity of more than one.  This is a problem because every item you list costs a minimum of 25p to list.  You could list 100 buy it now items at 1p each, but after they are all sold you owe ebay £25.00.  Are 100 sales worth £25.00?.

If you list an item in your eBay store you can have multiple quantities of a 1p buy it now item!  And you are only charged a one time 1p listing fee, (you could have a quantity of 1000) you are charged 8p per every item that sells.  So if you sell 100 of these items you will have 100 sales and you will owe eBay £8.01.  thats £8.01 loss not profit!


 2. If you list the item in your eBay store - the item is not shown in search results and therefore hardly anyone will see your 1p listing unless they can somehow find there way to your eBay store.... There is a way to have your buy it now 1p item on the regular search results with multiple quantities that will be purchased from your eBay store.  Let's say you list a picture  you would put "1p Picture wallpaper and screensaver!" it's a great title because it has the exact keywords that someone will use to find such an item.  You found it!


 3. So you list in your ebay store item for 1p with a quantity of 1000.  How is anyone going to find your picture? Simply list it as a regular buy it now for 1p with free shipping and it will appear in the search results.  Oh? you can only list a quantity of one in a regular buy it now?  If you list an item as a buy it now for .1p cent you can only list a quantity of one.  And once someone buys it than the item disappears from the search results.  But, if you list an item for 1p in your ebay store than you can have any number of quantity.  So you make an ad with a regular buy it now auction with a quantity of 1 for 1p  then you make that listing for pre-approved buyers only. 


Warning! do not use any of the information to improve your feeback or you could be suspende or even blocked.

Thanks for looking!

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