Hyper-Racing 1500 Watt 48 Volt Off-Road Scooter

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A powerful, well designed electric scooter!

This 1500 watt 48 volt Hyper-Racing Electric Scooter is a cut above most other electric scooters.  It is full size having a larger frame than any other electric scooter.  The design is very accommodating for adult riders compared to other scooters with a small frame and small tires.  The 1500 Watt Motor will propel the scooter close to 35 mph on a paved road and 25 mph on non-paved roads and hard surfaced flat trails.  Our use is generally at a speed of 15-20 mph on gravel roads, trails or ATV trails in a rural setting.
 The seat is very comfortable and the lights work well enough for an after-dark run.  The shocks and larger 12” rim off-road tires (actually 15-16 inches in diameter) are terrific on non-paved surfaces offering a very soft ride compared to scooters with small tires like the Uber Scoot (we have both).   In comparison, the Uber Scoot rides very hard on off-road surfaces and quite honestly is not a comfortable scooter to ride - particularly for older adult riders.  We have the Uber Scoot but no one wants to ride it as the Hyper-Racing Off-Road Scooter is definitely the scooter of choice both for adults and for kids as it offers a smoother ride.
 The 1500 Watt Hyper-Racing Scooter was easy to assemble and completed in 30 minutes (and the 2nd & 3rd scooters completed in just 20 minutes).  Hypertoyz packed it very well, it arrived intact, and no parts were damaged or broken.  And their Personnel were informative and answered many questions I had in a very timely manner.  Admittedly, I did have some very frustrating electrical and mechanical issues sooner than I expected and they took some time to address.  But it was worth the wait to get the kinks out as these are just superb scooters for our off-road use in a rural setting.  Previously, we had Yamaha QT-50's and Riva Razz gas powered scooters and it seemed that they just would never start when you want them to despite the many tune-ups that we performed on them.  A little rain, humidity, and they wouldn't start.
Comparatively speaking, the electric scooters are very quiet, have no gas fumes, go when you want them to, and are really easy to work on.  Its great not having to check oil and gas before each run.  And being as quiet as they are, we constantly see deer and foxes in our woods long before they see us.  An added plus - night riding through the woods with added LED high powered lights is a real treat.
 These electric scooters start fast and work very well but are not designed to handle extreme operation as a dirt bike (steep hills, very soft surfaces, multi-start & stop, etc.).  However, extended rides on non-paved surfaces with gentle hills is very enjoyable.  And not having to crank a gas-powered motor to get it started is a real plus when you just want to get up and go.
 In summary, I am very pleased with the five Hyper-Racing Scooters we acquired from Hypertoyz and wholeheartedly recommend them.  We completely stopped using  all of our gas powered scooters.

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