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Hypnosis, Hypnotism, Mesmerism,  Are all the same.   Hypnotherapy is using Hypnosis to solve problems. Hypnosis is only a total relaxation of mind and body, it is a lovely very comfortable feeling.   Almost like floating on a cloud. most people find the relaxation incredible. You are totaly aware of what is happening, you are in total control and cannot be made to say or do anything against your wishes, you will remember everything that happens and could open your eyes at any time you wish.  The comments I have received from my clients include, fantastic, fabulous, great, unbelievable, never been so relaxed in my life before!

My name is Keith Egleton I am a Hypnotherapist with 17 years experience and have completed over 20,000 hours with my clients. I have a very busy practice in Uxbridge, Middlesex.   Many people are too nervous or frightened of hypnosis to even try it, when it is something that could improve the lives of nearly everyone.

The majority of people do not have the faintest idea of how real relaxation feels, they think that sleep is total relaxation!  That is not true, during sleep you can be tossing and turning and your mind can be going frantic with nightmares, dreams, worries or anxieties etc. A few minutes of Hypnosis can be better for you than an hour of sleep.

During  hypnosis you are in total control, you know what a Hypnotherapist would be saying to you, you would know exactly what you are saying to them and you would remember everything that happens while you are in that very relaxed state of hypnosis!  You could also open your eyes at any time and walk out witout any problems at all.

Meditation and the relaxation after Yoga can also be total relaxation, like Hypnosis, but both take more time and not everyone can reach the totally relaxed state using these methods.

 Everyone can go into Hypnosis  ( daydreaming is light Hypnosis and doesn't that feel good? ) Some people go into hypnosis quickly and easily, that is about 10% of the population. These  are the people you will see on a stage or TV Hypnotic show. They are very lucky because it is much easier to deal with any problems they have. They are usually very extrovert and imaginative people who would love to be on a stage even without hypnosis.   On a stage show they could be made to do funny or silly things. But generally speaking could not be made to do anything against their moral, religous or ethical beliefs.( unless they would normaly do so! )  The other 90% of the population would vary, some going into hypnosis very easily and quickly the others  more resistant and taking a bit more time. The more resistant to hypnosis one is the more one has to gain by learning to really relax.

Hypnosis is great for dealing with with many sorts of problems. Which includes, Stress, Emotional problems, Temper, Phobias, Anxiety, Worry, Grief, Insomnia, Lack of confidence, Lack of motivation, Public speaking, Poor memory, Pain control, Relaxation during pregnancy,  Sexual problems and of course Weight problems and Smoking and many many more.  


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