Hyundai Hatchback Buying Guide

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Hyundai Hatchback Buying Guide

Hyundai automobiles are known for safety, durability, and overall style. Hyundai hatchbacks are versatile and sporty, providing enough room and extra space that buyers need while still maintaining a compact, cool look. Hyundai vehicles are affordable, comfortable, and created with quality in mind, so buyers can rest assured when they purchase a Hyundai and know they are getting a premium car. A hatchback model provides a great compromise between a small, compact car and a large sedan or SUV.

Hyundai hatchbacks vary by design, colour, and features, so consumers should shop carefully to purchase the right car for their needs. There are some factors to consider when shopping for a new or used Hyundai hatchback on eBay, including the model of hatchback as well as its various features. Hatchbacks start at small sizes and go up to a larger SUV style hatchback, with a design or two in between, so buyers who know exactly what type of hatchback they would like should have no problem finding the perfect hatchback on eBay.

Model Year

The range of Hyundai hatchbacks for sale on eBay offers buyers many model years from 1999 to present models, including many options in between. Newer models, such as 2012 hatchbacks, have more up-to-date features and a wider variety of options, but older models that have low mileage and have been maintained well are also a good choice. When it comes to selecting a model year, buyers need to consider what their budget is, as well as what extras and features are the most important to them.


There are a few different styles of hatchbacks when it comes to purchasing a Hyundai hatchback. While some hatchbacks are smaller, others may offer more room for passengers and additional features.

Santa Fe

The Santa Fe hatchback is what is called a crossover vehicle, which is like having the best of both worlds: a standard car combined with an SUV. The Santa Fe model can comfortably seat up to seven passengers, and it has a wide array of safety features including multiple airbags, projector headlights, and anti-lock brakes.

A newer feature that comes in some Santa Fe models is called electronic stability control or ESC. Hyundai is becoming known for this innovative feature that helps a driver keep the car in the lane relative to other cars. Studies have shown that this feature can prevent accidents before they occur. The Santa Fe comes in many colours, such as blue, red, and silver, and boasts decadent leather interiors.


The Hyundai Accent is a hatchback that is the smallest model of hatchback made by Hyundai. This compact hatchback vehicle may be small, but it is well known for being able to handle well and offers many of the same safety features that other Hyundai vehicles offer, such as multiple airbags and a brake assist system. Sporty additions to the Accent include a rear spoiler, distinctive alloy wheels, and the ability to seat up to five passengers with ease.

The Accent comes in vivid shades like light blue, grey, bronze, and red. For buyers who want the room that a hatchback offers but do not want to drive a huge automobile, the Accent is the perfect size and contains many of the options that larger vehicles offer.


Another well-known hatchback model that buyers may discover while shopping is the Hyundai Getz. The Getz is a small hatchback that comes in two styles: three-door and five-door designs. The i20 model eventually replaced the Getz. The Getz is known for fuel efficiency, its sleek style, and the safety features that the Hyundai brand is known for.

The Getz is a great option for buyers on a budget who are concerned with miles per gallon, but still want a car that looks stylish and has a luxe interior. The interior includes many features and plenty of room along with inside consoles, cup holders, and storage.

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is an updated version of the Getz. The i20 offers the same compact and trendy styling, but the performance of the car is slightly improved, and newer versions have more updated technology like a rear parking camera and sensors to help make parking easier. The car offers fog headlights, a spoiler, seats that can be removed and arranged as the driver desires, and many safety features.

The back seats of the vehicle can be folded down in order to create more storage space in the car. Some models of the i20 offer a sunroof and state-of-the-art audio options. Some of the colours that the i20 are available in include bright blue, red, white, and shiny black.

Automatic or Manual Transmission

Buyers who are seeking to purchase a Hyundai hatchback need to make some decisions about the type of car they plan to drive. When it comes to the transmission, there are two distinct types that buyers see when shopping, and ultimately consumers have to make a choice and pick the best type of transmission for their needs.


Automatic transmission means that the driver operates the car with a simple gearshift that includes six speed options in most Hyundai vehicles made after 2009. The automatic transmission is a good option for fuel efficiency, and the driver does not have to shift gears manually, because the automatic transmission does the work. It is easier to operate for many drivers, but it is really a matter of personal preference.


Manual transmission includes gears that must be switched by the driver. Some drivers prefer the challenge and excitement of driving a manual transmission, and they are typically less costly than automatic vehicles as well. They also may require less maintenance over the long haul, but buyers should pick which option they would like based on skill level and comfort.

Diesel or Petrol

There are two types of fuel options for buyers seeking a Hyundai hatchback. While both have their benefits, it is a personal choice to make. Buyers should keep their overall budget in mind while shopping for a hatchback and making fuel decisions.

Diesel Fuel

A diesel fuel hatchback may cost more than a petrol model, though diesel fuel is mainly known for being more environmentally friendly than petrol. When it comes to filling up the car, diesel gas is generally less costly at the pumps. For consumers who travel frequently and fill up more, a diesel car may be more economical over the long haul.

Petrol Fuel

Petrol cars are immediately engaging due to their lower sticker price. However, petrol fuel costs more when filling up the car. Petrol is also less environmentally friendly. Drivers may get fewer miles per gallon when they fill up with petrol. If consumers do not travel as much and are on a tighter budget when initially purchasing the car, a petrol car is the best bet.

Hyundai Features

Some buyers may wish to shop by the features that a Hyundai hatchback offers. Newer cars have more current technology and may offer Bluetooth capability, touch screen audio systems, and the ability to start the car at the push of a button. Some models offer steering wheel controls for the music system and USB ports for MP3 players and other peripherals.

How to Buy a Hyundai Hatchback on eBay

If you are looking for the perfect Hyundai hatchback at an affordable price, check eBay for good deals on all types of hatchback models. Navigate to Hyundai cars using the home page or key in "hatchbacks" and select Hyundai, and browse by model, such as i20 or Santa Fe. You can also browse by the year of the car you would like to purchase, such as 2012. You can select the option for new or used vehicles, whether you want a standard transmission or an automatic, or whether you want a diesel or petrol car.

Once you have selected all the options necessary to browse your desired vehicle, you can start comparison shopping. A good way to do this is to check out what condition the car is in and look at detailed images. Click "Ask the Seller" if you need to see additional photos.

Another way to decide on a car is to check the mileage. You should also only purchase a Hyundai hatchback from a reputable seller. Check to see if the seller has a Top-rated seller badge, and see how many transactions he or she has completed successfully. Read all of the seller's feedback from other buyers to make sure you are shopping from a high-quality seller. Arrange to meet in person if you do not want to ship the car or if you live nearby and want to get a better look at the vehicle before your purchase it.


Buying a hatchback on eBay is an affordable and easy way to shop for a car. Instead of having to check many dealerships, buyers can browse pages of vehicles at their leisure for a less stressful buying experience. Hyundai hatchbacks are fun and stylish cars that offer many options, especially for an affordable type of vehicle. For buyers who need a vehicle that is larger than a sedan but may not need the additional room or gas costs of an SUV, a hatchback is the perfect solution. Hyundai is a reputable brand that signifies safety, many state-of-the-art features, and a plethora of options that make driving fun and exciting for consumers.

Hyundai hatchbacks come in many designs and colours, and the hardest part of buying one is picking out the right one. Buying a vehicle on eBay does not have to be stressful as long as consumers purchase a car from a reputable seller who has excellent feedback. Consumers should make sure they know exactly what they are getting, which means looking at many images and reading the seller's listing very carefully.

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