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Celebrities, Silver and Style

What exactly is it?
Silver is a soft, white and lustrous metal that is malleable and thus easy to work with.  It is stable in pure air and water but tarnishes upon exposure to air or water with ozone or hydrogen sulphide.  Sterling silver is traditionally used to make jewellery and silverware.  Sterling silver (stamped 925) is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and is harder than both pure silver and copper.  A shiny finish is obtained after the application of a thin coat of 0.999 fine silver.  Silver jewellery may also be plated with rhodium or gold for a brighter and shinier look.

Be a trendsetter without breaking the bank
Although investors and consumers hae favoured gold for many years its persistently high cost may cause the gradual emergence of silver as a source of immense value.  This is because rising unemployment, salary cuts and taxes are expected to reduce consumer spending.  Additionally silver has become increasingly fashionable and used in a growing number of artistic jewellery pieces over the years.  In fact white metal is the most chosen adornment in celebrity fashion due to its ability to perfectly complement and enhance all skin tones and gowns.  Furthermore unlike gold it is versatile and can be used for any type of colour scheme or outfit, be it jeans or a designer dress.  For example multiple award winning diva Maria Carey adores wearing her signature sterling silver ring graces with a diamond encrusted butterfly.  We see that silver emphasises the whiteness and sparkle of transparent diamonds.

Popular celebrity earrings and necklaces
Sterling silver jewellery is often given to celebrities by designers.  Sparkly earrings demands and receive instant attention and glamour.  Actresses Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez are fans of the forever fashionable diamond earrings.  Silver necklaces accentuate the neckline gorgeously.  Frequent wearers include America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston and the heiress Paris Hilton who are fans of Tiffany & Co's Wishbone and Anchor necklace respectively.  Both necklaces are made of 925 sterling silver and feature an array of small white diamonds.

Get the celebrity style for less
You can look and feel as good as a celebrity on the red carpet at a fraction of the cost by wearing stylish and chic silver bracelets, necklaces or earrings.  Looking spectacular for less is now possible as an increase in demand has given the sterling silver market a big boost and there is a great variety of models, shapes and prices 925 silver jewellery either plain or with mounted gems that are available.
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