I Heart Fame & The Battle Between Remi & Synthetic Hair

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Remi hair is the highest quality artificial hair.  What sets it apart from other synthetic weaves, wigs and extensions is that the outermost layer of natural hair - known as the cuticle - is not removed as in other types of weaves.  This gives Remi hair that close - to - natural appearance that other synthetic products can barely achieve.  There is little processing involved so the hair is as natural as you can get.    

However when selecting weaves and extensions it can be difficult to many people whether what they're buying is authentic virgin Remi human hair.  I have created a list of tips to help you tell the genuine from the counterfeit and the natural from the synthetic:

1. Expense
Remi hair is expensive and can cost up to $100.  If the weave is fairly cheap it is probably counterfeit

2. Weight
The hair strands are lighter at the tips than at the roots.  This is as during manufacture, hair cuticles are made to align with one another so that they all face the same direction.  

3. Colour
Coloured genuine vigin hair isn't the same as other synthetic weaves as they are the natural colour of the donor.  For this reason the colour will not be uniform throughout the entire hair bundle.  There will be varying natural highlights of different shades of the overall colour.  You may spot one or two grey strands in the hair once in a while.

4. Texture
Remi hair isn't overly smooth and silky.  It has a coarser texture much like natural hair.  Synthetic hair is usually treated with silicone to get the strands to shine.  Run your hands through the hair - you should feel the extra layer of chemicals throughout the strands.

5. Wetting the hair
Unlike virgin hair when wet non virgin hair gets very heavy.  However virgin hair retains natural curls and waves and responds to water the way natural hair does.  

In closing, Remi hair extensions are growing more and more popular as they are the most genuine looking of all types of hair extensions and are great for capturing that celebrity look!
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