I Heart Fame & The Ultimate PreBonded Hair Making Guide

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After 12 years in the industry one of the big questions I get asked is "How do I create my own prebonded hair extensions?"

This guide will explain the process as well as how to work with this hair.  These tips work great with Dion products.  However if you have specific informations feel free to email me at info@iheartfame.com and I'd be happy to assist you.

1. Too posh to Pre Bond?
You might doubt why it is worth putting in the effort to tip your own hair when you can buy it already tipped.  Well there are a few reasons:

a) Customising your colour
You could want a specific colour to match your own an no company may carry one you like. 

b) Length
Most companies sell tipped hair up to 22" whereas you may need one longer.  

c) Type of hair
You may not want to compromise and accept what is available especially when you can make your own using the hair texture or curl you love which is processed in a particular way.  

If this sounds like you, keep on reading for some money saving and awesome beauty tips:

2. Making Your Own Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions
If you're a hair stylist it is best to make the pre-bonded hair the day before applying it to shorten the time your customer spends sitting in the chair.

You will need:

- Parchment paper
- Keratin Fusion Glue Sticks (Roughly £5 for a pack of 10)
- Scissors
- Fusion melting pot (£12)
- Fusion Finger Guards (£5 for a pack of 3)
- The hair of your choice

a) Firstly spread the parchment on a table.  This will be used to lay the extensions out on as you create them as it prevents the extensions from sticking to the table as they dry.  

b) Melt the glue after breaking the glue sticks down into pieces small enough to fit in the melting pot.  Cut tiny sections (0.75 inches) from your hair weaves or bulk hair that has been tied together with a band to prevent it from tangling.

c) Dip the first 3/4 inch of the hair into the melted glue and then roll it into a point with your fingers quickly.  Lay the extension piece onto the parchment paper to dry.

For a full head of extensions you'll need roughly 200 - 250 of such pieces.

3. Things to Consider...
If you attach the hair via microlink, basic fusion or contracting (shrink) links you'll only require a small amount of adhesive to keep the hair together and manageable.  If a fusion heat wand process is used more adhesive on the tip would be required to maintain the bond between the extension and your hair.  

You may also find it necessary to split the tip of the pre-bonded hair to make it fit into the microlinks.  If it doesn't fit spilt it in half using sharp scissors or a razor blade knife and then work as usual.

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