I Heart Fame and The Ultimate Remi Human Haircare Guide

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Wefted, pre-glued, pre-tipped, keratin pre-bonded remi human hair extensions are very hot right now.  After 12 years in the industry I have gotten asked the same questions over and over: "How do I care for my extensions whilst they're in?!" as well as the million dollar question: "How do I get the most wear out of my hair?!?!"

I have therefore put together some tips for you so you can get the most out of these products.  

I Heart Fame and The Ultimate Remi Human Hair Care Guide

1. Preparing the hair
24 hours before you apply Dion extensions prepare your hair for the process.  Using a clarifying shampoo wash your own hair thoroughly.  Do not use styling products on your hair as you want it to be clean as free as possible of alcohol or oil residues.  

This helps to: a) Create the best possible seal of the bond if using a heat process and b) Give you a more secure base with a microlink

2. Sealing during application
When applying the hair be sure to flatten the melted glue very tightly against your head if you're using a heat process technique.  This prevents water or oils moving inside the bond.

3. Prior to shampooing and conditioning
Brush the extensions so as to remove all tangles before shampooing.  This prevents knots that will get locked in the hair by the water.  

When gently coming out tangles in your extensions, support the attachment at the base and always work from the bottom up using a wide toothed or looped hair brush to avoid pulling out bonds/ loosening the attachment.

4. Use The Right Type of Shampoo and Conditioner
Do not use shampoo on your hair for at least 48 hours after application to allow the bonds time to set.  It is also important to ensure oil free shampoo and conditioner is used on hair.  

The extensions as well as your own hair should be shampooed and conditioned twice a week.  If it needs some cleaning in between washing rinse with cool water.

If you really need to use hair spray or other styling products avoid alcohol based ones as they dry out the hair.

5. Washing Technique
Try not to pour the shampoo or conditioner onto the top of your head so as to avoid the products settling into the bonds.  Pour it into your hands and slowly work it into your hair.  

When washing the extensions, do so in a downward motion.  Make sure you don't mix it together so as to avoid tangling.  If you're wearing a weft, comb your hair using your fingers and massage your scalp in between your wefts.  

Make sure you rinse thoroughly with warm clean water to avoid further tangling and remove all soap.

Wit a towel gently blot off excess water.  Again make sure to comb your hair from root to tip.  Combing the other way will tangle your hair,

6.  To heat or not to heat?
As the extensions won't receive nutrients like you're real hair heat is your biggest frenemy.  The more you use, the shorter the lifespan of your hair! Therefore if you really need to use heat use an oil free leave in conditioner first and rollers such as Babyliss's cool ceramic ones or any tourmaline hair straightener on a low heat setting.  They help keep the hair shiny, soft and silky.

7. Dion's Secret to Long Lasting Hot Hair
Once every two weeks apply hot oil treatment to maintain a healthy and shiny appearance.

8. Before going to bed tie the hair up, braid or put it in a wrap to prevent tangling caused by movement at night.  Never sleep with the hair wet.

In closing remi hair is gorgeous and can be alot like regular hair when it comes to appearance and care.  Before trying out new products either contact us at info@iheartfame.com or do some more research prior to application for specific shampoos and conditioners to use.  Remember - it is always better to prevent problems rather than dealing with nasty consequences afterwards.

Stay gorgeous girls!

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