I LOVE my Phil & Ted's Vibe

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When trying to decide if to buy a Phil & Ted's Vibe and if it was worth the money, I struggled to find reviews on it. I found loads on the Sport/E3/Classic models but it was the vibe that i had my heart set on so i thought id help all you busy mums (and dads!) and give you my views on this single/double pushchair. Ive reviewed this as a double pushchair.

This is my 2nd double buggy, I orignally bought a side by side pushchair(mamas and papas twin aria) and although it was really light, I stuggled to get out and about on my own as i couldn't go in certain shops or on public transport, As i have a toddler and baby, one side seemed more heavy than the other so i had constant backache:(

Anyway, My parner did not like the P&T sport model but he really like the Vibe, as he put it ''It looks really sporty and nice and i wouldn't mind pushing it'' So the vibe it was. At around £500 they are certaintly not a cheap opition, So shop around if you can. I got the Graffitti model (brand new) and paid £500 with p&p, the double kit and double raincover included which i thought was quite reasonable.

I can honestly say I love this pushchair and it is so pratical for me and my 2 young boys, I have a toddler who has just turned 2 and a 11 week old baby. When it arrived, it took my parner about 10 mins to put together, We used it with the toddler on top(in the doubles kit) and the baby lying flat underneath. I was worried my toddler would be too big for the seat as he is a big boy! but he was fine and really comfy. He loved being up high and on the bus he could see out of the window. My baby underneath was really warm and snuggly, theres a piece of protective raincover that shields your baby.                                                                                                            I have since been using it as 2 seats-my  toddler in main seat and the baby in the double kit and the back. Its much lighter this way and i can get to the baby easier, to get him out, put his dummy in... Only downside to this pushchair was the p&t footmuff is a mummy style footmuff and only goes up to 2 years so was too small for my toddler. I bought him a 'buggy snuggle' which fits perfectly to the main and double seat, and he loves it. I would recommed getting a cocoon if you have a newborn as the space between babies legs and the seat above isnt a lot. I would try getting a second hand cheap cocoon as they don't last long if you have a large baby.


Here are my pro's and cons on the buggy...


-Can get in and around shops easily as its hardly any bigger than a single pushchair

-Easy to get on public transport

-Can be converted into a single pushchair, if older child wants to walk that day

-The air tyres wheels make it a smooth ride for children, this is the only pram my toddler will nap in!

-Wheels can be removed in seconds

-Looks sylish and modern, not too long, wide or bulky like some double's

-The one touch break is exellent for when you need it in a hurry

-Folds up with the double kit attached, so no messing

-So easy to fold and unfold, folds really compact

-The seats are deep and comfy, the harness is easy to do, the padded crotch pad and shoulder straps are well padded

-Really easy to steer, foam handle can be positioned 2 ways

-The doubles kit has a relined feature - perfect for naps on the go

-Toddler strap already attached

-can be pushed over snow, grass and sand!

-Nice big sun canopy, which can also be removed



-Have to buy extra's seapertly, cocoon, footmuff, drinks holder, raincover, travel bag, base bag, sun cover- can cost a small fortune

-With the tyres being Air, you could get a puncher, plus you need to pump them up

-Can't hang bags off the handles.. I bought some buggy hooks of ebay for a few quid which do the job

-Shopping basket can be abit tricky to access when using in double mode

-The sun hood gets in the way of your knuckles

-Only comes in 3 colours, black on black, red on black, graffitti limated edition. Unlike the sport which has bright colours

-The frame scratches really easily

-When using with 2 seats, the child in the back is not as proteced from the sun or wind

-The raincover is fairly bulky and isnt much room to store it for 'just in case'

-Child in the back could get bored, my baby dosn't but hes only young, ive attached toys for if he does


Overall, I think this is a love it or hate it pram and for me the pro's outway the con's. I LOVE mine





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