I Love my Quinny Buzz Too

Like if this guide is helpful

I didnt realise there was so much negativity surrounding Quinny Buzz prams etc.

I have seem many replicas on the market, i.e mothercare's version and a mamas and papas one too, both look fantastic but just dont quite cut it as the genuine article. The buzz is a fantascit pram.

When my first child was born I purchased a M&P -3 series (globetrekker) and it was the heaviest, most hardest to fold and unfold and pushing it was hard work too, not great for uphills and c-section moms,

The buzz unfolds itself, it;s great, the seat pops on and off at the touch of a button including the wheels, and it can face front or rear which is fantastic for newborns who dont have the carrycot attachment.

I personally didnt use the carrycot and carseat attachment as the pram itself is fine from birth and very confortable for any age child.

I would pay over and over again for this item I absolutley love it. The cosytoes is fantastic too, its like a sleeping bag material so great for those winter school runs.

Only a couple of winges from me surround this - quinny changed the style of the hood from the 07 to the 08 model, I have the 08 model and the hood is a lot smaller than the 07 model, so I am currently searching for a replacement 07 hood to stick on mine as the 08 one doesnt seem to cover the baby enough to block out wind and sune etc, its quite short (if that makes sense). The other thing, is this is a really wide pram, my friend had to let me in her house with the pram through her patio doors, i have never had a problem with shops etc, but some houses with slightly smaller door frames is a no no, you just cant get in without dismantling.

Hope whoever finds this useful and makes the right decision for you.

Take Care xx 



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