I want peace of mind as a mobile phone seller

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Has your non payers increased since ebay's STUPID idea not to let sellers leave anything other than good feedback. I know mine has increased 10 fold and is costing me alot more in time and listing fees and waiting for a refund in final value fees disgusting. What a great idea if you get a non payer you can leave them good feedback for wasting your time and money isnt that great thank you eabay. Once again who profits through this increase in non payers yes thats right ebay themselves, does eveyone know they can claim their final value fees back wnen they get yet another non payer ( I dont think so) does ebay have a flashing banner at the top of the page saying had a non payer then be sure to claim back your final value fee NO THEY HAVENT WHY WOULD THEY, IF YOU DONT CLAIM THEY PROFIT AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN. So if any of you reading this have had a non payer and have not claimed back their final value fee look into it staright away or contact ebay and ask them how to do it ( why should they profit) and all of you ebayers who agree with me that their non payers have increased since ebay's stupid new feedback policy please email ebay and state how unfair this system is better still bombared them with emails as I do. Maybe they will look at their feedback system again and also play fair with the sellers and not just the buyers. I have recentely received bad feedback due to not sending an iten to an unconfirmed paypal address I gave a full refund to the buyer and explained why I would not send it also clearly stated on my listing you must have a confirmed address to bid (so why do people who dont have a confirmed address still keep bidding?????) as  Did you know if you send an item to an unconfirmed paypal address and they are using a stolen credit card to pay or even using someones account without their permission paypal will do a charge back without contacting you they will take the money back out of your paypal account and there is not a thing that you can do about it and paypal dont give a dam they just say you sent to an unconfirmed address so tough basicly (I know I lost £200 that is why I will never send to an unconfirmed address again I learnt the very hard way). Can ebay stop these unconfirmed ebayers bidding and wasting your MONEY AND TIME in having to relist time and time again YES THEY CAN BY ADDING THE OPTION IN THE BUYER REQUIREMENTS BUT HAVE THEY NO, I WONDER WHY WHEN IT COST ME £1 TO RELIST EVERTIME so yes they benefit, so why would they stop it happening they are probaly making hundreds of  thousands out of it. Also did you know that if you send a mobile phone using royal mail out of the UK they will not pay out if it gets lost even if sent international signed for, yes learnt the hard way again (lost £80 that time). Right ive bored you enough now but if this saves you money in the long run then I have done what I have set out to do, as I would not like to see anyone lose the money that I did.


Every seller who agrees email the statement above to ebay they might get the message.



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