I want to give appropriate feedback to bad buyers

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As a buyer I was pleased to see that poor sellers could not bad mouth good buyers because they complained about poor goods.

It was great to see that when I paid quickly and the goods were poor, the seller could not just give me a red star because I complained.

But now the balance has changed.

I have sold goods and had the buyer refuse to pay. Because it is was classed as a sale they were entitled to leave red star feedback.

What could I do. Nothing. Leave a green star with negative comments. Poor show.

Ebay needs to deal with this inbalance in some way.

If buyers leave negative feedback without some kind of justification it should not be permitted.

I don`t know the answer but perhaps other sellers with the same problem could help stop this.

As a seller please read this and vote for it if you agree.

Write your own guide on the same subject.

Lets get the balance of feedback right.









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