I82 DV Camcorders

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These small dv camcoders are widely sold on Ebay. They are broadly copies of the Mustek DV 2000 and similar Mustek series. However be aware of two things. Firstly some sellers imply there is a Warranty. If one of these camcorders is faulty, they will continously prevaricate, refering you to guides, etc. They will not honour any warranty, will not exchange or give a refund. So look very carefully at sellers feedback for any negatives. If there are any DO NOT buy. Second these camcorders require an SD card for reasonable storage. That memory available without is tiny or for some nil. These SD cards are very often fakes on Ebay, are unreliable and fail. Read carefully the guide on SD fakes on the SD card listing. Despite what is said sometimes, these camcorders will work on rechargeables. But best use 2400 mAh NiMh AA rechargeables also available on Ebay. When working these cameras are quite good given the prices.
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