IAN678 & Stolen Music Gear (Washburn, Marshall etc)

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Investigation into IAN678 & Stolen Property Sold on eBay

Over the past 2 years, Hertfordshire Constabulary (Stevenage Police) have been investigating an eBay trader known at least as IAN678. The individual had been working for a manufacturer/distributor, aquiring a hefty quantity of stock over a course of time, and selling this for personal profit on eBay without paying/involving his company. Therefore the police identified over 400 items as Stolen Property, all of which had been sold to assumably unsuspecting good faith members of eBay.

I recieved the letter myself and found the above out after a phonecall with the investigating officer. It turns out, after I racked my head to locate which item it would have been, a significant proportion of the items were Washburn MAD DOG Flanger pedals, which is was the receipient of one. The officer implied items would include other similar products from these brands, assumably effects pedals primerily, and including marshall and other brands.

The letter also stated the police have prosecuted the trader, IAN678, and following his own admissions to sales of stolen property, is no longer trading using eBay (we hope). The police add no further police investigation will continue. Also, the letter makes sure I understand that the police recognize eBay transactions to be made in good faith, and see involved buyers as victims in this case. Having purchased in good faith, the police say there is no requirement to return the stolen property, which is handy if nothing else as I have already resold it myself over a year ago.

I wondered if anybody else had had similar experiences with this case, wanted to ensure as publically as possible that people are aware of this hertfordshire trader and the same kind of scam, but much as I got the feeling after the police officer said "but just really to let you know these things can and do happen".. it's still fair to say theres no logical way to avoid it.

Interesting though that despite it being stolen property, the illegitimate goods are not required to be repossessed by the police or their owners. And also, in my case, lucky.

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