I'COO PICO best u can buy. read 1st b4 u buy other!

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THIS PUHCHAIR IS LIKE THE DREAM COME TRUE FOR ALL mommys and daddys and granparents out there! like the mother of mothers!! king of kings and queens of all ..let me explain why this one pushchair has turned my life around for the better!

1st off to look at it is sooo stylish and noone has really got theese so your less likely to see other people walking around with this (holding proud heads high)

its funky frame and chunky (but not to big) wheels and mudguards really do look so diffrent ..i mean really have you ever seen a puushchair with mudguards before|?wheels are rubber that dont mark and dont punture or go down!

2ND THE SEAT IS REALLY ROOMEY AND MY TWO YEAR OLD STILL HAS ENOUGH TO WIGGLE ABOUT WITHOUT BANGING THE SIDES! the chair reclines into any postion you want ( u decide wityh pull; string back)

also the foot rest has diffrent postions offering maximum comfort for thoose little legs! plus benifits of this are of course when baby wants to sleep they can in full lie down postion.

swivel wheels also means easy ride and also the fact it has one bar to push means you can do so with one hand!

3RDLY the suspension on this baby made a navie mummy learn about suspension!!! this pushchair actually bounces dwn to the floor as you push down to lift up curbs .. i have NEVER seen anything like it ever!!!it really is amazing and makes your babys ride soooo smooth!

4TH a massive shopping basket underneath ideal for all thoose trips to tescos to buy milk nappies bannans and space even  for baby food! plus there is even  a little pocket on the hood for keys etc.. it zips into two , PLUS (yes even more storage)  theres even a drawstring bag above the basket giving this pushchair the most storage you could possibly want!

5Th detable hood and nice material means baby wont sweat away in summer ( not like some of thooes horrid sweaty pvc'y materials yuik)

 5 point harness with comfort pads on and a little velcro fasting over the clasp stops baby wanting to untie them selfs!

additional feet rest at the bottom of the footrest which can be turned in of out! or hidden away!

fantastic padded seat ultimate comfort PLUS 6th this baby folds down compact and can easliy fit into any boot! or even upright on the backseat!

this pushchair has the funky frame like a quiiny zapp , has the compactness of buzz and has so many more features that out do the bugaboo or musty , has much more comfort than the micralite and is so much more trendy than a maclaren! (trust me i've had them all, self confessed pushchair addict)) coming in coulors to suit boy or girl ( blue and green or red and pink)

with matching accosories avalible this pushchair will be the best one of your babys life and one you'll remeber for years to comE!

( p.s. i dont work for sales for this company , just a mum who fell in love with a pushchair!)


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