ID your weapon, guide to thousands of Antique weapons.

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 Many wil know of this book, for those who are new to collecting Military Antiques it will be of enormous help.

George Cameron Stone compiled and published this vast reference work in 1961. When I say vast it is truly just that, dont think that because it is now 40 plus years old it is out dated.

700 pages,10.000 different weapons and Armour,875 photo-engraving's (Monochrome) illustrating 3500 different kinds of weapons. I may be wrong but I cannot think of another work that will help those researching quite so much as this.

Originally published by Arms & Armour press( ISBN 0-85368-362-X) the statement " Construction,Decoration & Use of Arms & Armour in all countries & in all times" Is absolutly right although I am sure it may miss  something , I have found the most obscure items and this allowed to research at least with a name to the weapon {Japanese in my case.}

Hope you found this of interest.

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