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This is a very simple guide I felt I had to write because an ebay member was worried about their experience with a fraudster.

In a nutshell, please be aware of buyers from afar including the infamous Nigerians who hit the buy it now or even bid on YOUR items, mainly items of high value including laptops and mobile phones that can be resold very quickly for a profit. Below is what happens, please read on. THIS IS YOUR PROTECTION.

Someone will appear to be a genuine buyer to you, and may come across as a sincere person. Most buyers are, but there are a number of scammers trying to fool you into parting with your goods and then you will NEVER see the goods again yet alone the payment if you do as they ask.

If your new to ebay you will not realize the format in which ebay and paypal use to enable you to be paid, what happens is as follows:-

When you sell an item, try to use paypal as a method of payment because they offer buyers and sellers up to £500 protection against fraud and in case of a dispute. If you meet the buyer and they pay in cash then thats fine too. Cheques in the post are ok too because you don`t send the goods until the cheque has cleared. The same applies though to a cheque, make sure that the buyer has a confirmed address. YOU DON`T HAVE ANY PROTECTION FROM PAYPAL IF YOU USE ANOTHER MEANS OF PAYMENT OTHER THAN PAYPAL. 

So here`s what happens when someone buys your goods...

1. There will be an email to your address stating who`s bought from you, you will have an option to send an invoice to the buyer, unless they`ve been quick and paid immediately like I do.

2. When they pay by paypal there will be a confirmation email that you have received an instant payment  from them, and their details and shipping address will be shown in that email.

3. Check to see if the address is CONFIRMED, this will be in black text with a blue question mark beside it under their address. If unconfirmed be very wary because you may send the goods and they can dispute the transaction saying that the goods haven`t been received. This can result in a chargeback. (What is a chargeback)? This is when a buyer has a dispute with you and paypal then freeze the funds in your account for this transaction. You then can`t access the funds in your account until the issue has been resolved by paypal. A chargeback can occur if someone uses a stolen credit card or hasn`t been authorized by the holder, also if the buyer reports item not received or even not as described. This is why you need to make sure all the names on the cards and emails add up.

4. How can I check their details? You can`t, and paypal will never show you the buyers details either, even if some numbers are filled in by asterisks, SO WATCH FOR THIS WHEN A SCAMMER TRIES TO ASK FOR MONEY BY EMAIL.

You will know that the details are all true and definate because it will say CONFIRMED under their address with a blue question mark beside it. (This means that paypal have verified ALL the buyers card and address details and is now safe for you to proceed). You can now check your paypal account, if the money is there then you can send the goods. This is when paypal send you an email telling you that an instant payment has been received.

Try to send goods either signed for by royal mail, or by a courier company. Obtain tracking details and proof of posting and delivery. IF YOU CAN`T PROVIDE PROOF IN A DISPUTE THEN YOU MAY WELL LOSE OUT!!!!


If you ever sell an item and receive an email with the contents as follows:-  THEN NEVER COMPLY WITH IT!!!!

(This Paypal payment has been deducted from the buyers account and has been "approved" but will not be credited to your account until the shipping tracking number is sent to out customer service for shipment verification, so as to secure both the buyer and the seller. Below are necessary information requested before your account will be credited.

1. make sure the approved mail contains the total amount for the item bought.

2. Make sure you ship the item to the address the paypal given address shown in this email, immediately you receive this approved confirmation.

3. Make sure the shipment tracking number is sent to our customer service for shipment verification. So as to secure both the buyer and seller. Make sure the shipment tracking number is sent to us ONLY though: at (paying.status.tracking @ consultants .c****)

PLEASE NOTE: The web address is similar to one used by a scammer, the above link in brackets is an example of what you may see in your email should you be a potential victim.

4. Shipment tracking number is the number given to you at the point of posting, quote this number and send to our customer service at the above link.)

PLEASE NOTE!!! The above details may vary but please "NEVER" send any goods till payment has been received into your paypal account and confirmed by an email telling you that you HAVE an instant payment NOT telling you to send first and get paid later. YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE YOUR MONEY AND THEY HAVE WON AGAIN.

I hope this guide proves helpful, if it stops the fraudsters in their tracks then I`ve done my very best to help others have an enjoyable selling experience.


1. Paypal will never say they will hold money till the buyer has received the item, this is a complete load of rubbish. be aware and ALERT!!!!


Thanks for reading this guide, please be aware that I wrote this guide and wasn`t copied from anyone else. It is original in its entirity and is intended for the purpose of helping a seller to avoid being lured into a false sale to the world of the unscrupulous deceitful cold and calculating thief.

I do not want you to click yes to make me look good, just take notice of what I say and I hope it helps you.

I have been an ebayer since march 2004 and carefully watched peoples habits and tactics, good and bad.

I myself have been subject to the scams but fortunately for me rumbled them before they had a chance to rip me off, even as a buyer you need to watch peoples selling tact and always read feedback. Watch for silly sales for small money to build feedback. What they do then is get enough feedback to do a buy it now, list about 20 Nikon D70s or whatever high priced kit they think will sell quick. Take the cash, close their account and dissapear.

Look for sellers who have a varied customer feedback log, check whats been bought n sold, steer clear of private sales and feedback because they are hiding something. If for any reason you would like advice on an issue then please feel free to contact me. I`ve run my own business off ebay for 21 years and seen quite a lot. Ebay is a hobby of mine and just like a bargain like any other.

Thanks again for reading 


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