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Hello everyone,


I already have a guide on e-bay but am so perturbed to see a huge influx of fake ugg australia boots back on e-bay that I am writing this guide with the specifics needed to avoid being seriously defrauded of your hard earned cash!


The Ugg boots listed that have blue tags attached, (and there are many) are 100% FAKE. They are being listed mostly from chinese sellers but there are also a huge number being listed from UK sellers. I find that criminal, and I see people paying good money for them . I strongly urge you to stay clear of these fake boots as they manufacture them in china for about £5 perpair, they are NOT sheepskin, They are NOT Ugg Australia and you are going to be seriously disappointed in your purchase. The boots are way shorter than they should be, they are hard suede with a nasty synthetic lining, the soles do not have the R enclosed in a circle which signifies the REAL ugg australia boots and they smell of synthetic dyes. The boxes are flimsy and small and these FAKES often come with bags which say UGG on them. REAL uggs NEVER come with BAGS or TAGS attached to the boots. The price is well below what they should be, but unfortunately I see buyers bidding way up to over £100 on these and I stress that the sellers of these fakes should ashamed of themselves, as they know fully that they are defrauding genuine buyers. If you get a fake pair report it to e-bay and return them to that seller for a full refund. IT is ILLEGAL to sell fake branded goods either on e-bay or anywhere else, so do keep that in mind. Some sellers are listing these boots but using pictures that are straight from the UGG Australia site so as to trick buyers into believeing that they are buying the real thing. REPORT them, they must use their own pictures and it is against e-bay regulations to lift pics from the UGG Australia site, especially when it is done in order to defraud you. Please see my other guide also if you need more information. And please remember that UGG AUSTRALIA do make all of their classic boots in CHINA but they are made of 100% sheepskin, are aprox 13" tall, they have all r's enclosed in circles on soles and heel tags and they come in sturdy boxes with embossed cards. They have no tags or bags and they cost in the region of £100-160 .

I write this in the hope that it saves at least a few of you from being seriously ripped off!


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